Types Of Fitted Bedsheets

If the mattress and pillows that you sleep on are the most essential for a good night sleep a bed sheet is what makes it ideal to sleep as it provides the cosiness that you crave for after a long day. There are many types of bedsheets and among them, the fitted sheets are gaining popularity as it completely covers the bed and ensures that the bedding is in place even after tossing and turning the whole night. These fitted sheets come in many materials and it is important to know about them before making a purchase.

Cotton: One of the most common fabrics used for all types of bedding. It is highly durable, affordable, breathable, soft and also affordable. In cotton, there are various varieties of it and is differentiated based on the weaving, or the fabric treatment. Some of the varieties are

  • Egyptian cotton: It is the most luxurious, high-quality and super soft and is among the smoothest fabric.
  • Micro cotton: It is developed in India and is soft, absorbent and durable.
  • Cotton jersey: It is a fabric that is not woven but knitted. It is made of the same fabric as that of a jersey and is extremely soft to touch.
  • Flannel: It is a good choice for cold winter. It is mixed with fibres and thus traps the heat and gives warmth.

Silk: It is considered as a luxurious option and is cool to feel. If you are someone who is prone to allergies it is a natural hypoallergenic which can prevent allergies. It also makes it soft and comfortable to sleep. They are more expensive compared to others and they are natural as they are made from silkworms. Apart from it being expensive other major drawbacks of this material is that it needs to be cared for delicately and it is a little slippery to sleep on it.

Polyester: Is a fabric that is made from polymer and is a manmade fibre. This on its own is not very useful to make bed sheets with as they are stiff because of starch. To overcome this property it is usually blended with cotton or microfiber. These sheets are inexpensive when compared to other materials but polyester with microfibre is not suitable for warm places as it is not breathable.

Linen: Earlier the bedsheets were called as linens but it is a material used to make bedding. It is made from flax which is a Linum plant fibre and gives a soft texture to the sheets. They are extremely comfortable to sleep on, durable and breathable and certain weaves give a quilted sensation. The linen sheets are sometimes blended with cotton and they offer great airflow. These sheets can be used all year long as they neither make the sleeper hot, not cold.

Viscose: It is a type of rayon and is a manmade fibre which falls in the category in between natural and synthetic. It is a low-cost but high-quality fabric which is popular because of its many qualities. It can be used in bedsheets, in velvets and taffetas, in tire cords, etc. Since it resembles cotton chemically and depending on the manufacturing can adapt to many qualities.

Blends: The blended material with various bedsheet design is the most common material, especially cotton and polyester as they are more affordable compared to other materials. But there are many manufacturers like Wakefit who use Viscose as the material for their fitted bed sheets.

For long, people considered thread-count and bedsheet design as the most important considerations while purchasing a bedsheet. There is more to it than the thread count, the material it is made of and the way your body reacts to it should be factorized when buying.