Top 5 Travel Blogs to Read in 2021

Traveling is a good thing to do and it doesn’t matter whether you are traveling for fun or you are traveling for business purposes.

According to Collected.Reviews, the more you travel somewhere new, the more you will want to travel to other places. Traveling helps to give you a bigger and better picture of the world, helps you to appreciate the diversity of humanity, and also teaches you many things you may have no idea exist.

If you are a traveling enthusiast who loves traveling and working with the best travel agent, then there are some blogs that are must read blogs for you in this 2021 and they include:

1.The Blonde Abroad

If you love to stay updated about top travel destinations to visit every month of this year, then The Blonde Abroad is one travel blog that you must have bookmarked on your browser. This blog doesn’t just provide information about these locations, but also gives you tips on what you can do when you get to the location. It also provides you with major reasons why the locations highlighted should be on your travel bucket list. You are missing a lot as a traveler if you are not reading this blog.

2.The Points Guy

If you are a financially conscious traveler who wants to travel the world on a budget, then there are just very few outstanding blogs that can provide you with the right information you need. The Points Guy is one of such blogs. The information on this blog is comprehensive and attends to the details of traveling and that is what makes it a great travel blog to read in 2021.

3.World of Wanderlust

Traveling is fun when you know the details of the location you are traveling. You always want to know what to expect every time you set on a journey and that is why World of Wanderlust is a great blog to read. It explores the world from different travelers who have shared their opinions about the many places they have been. The great side to this travel blog is that you don’t just only get the good side of locations, you also learn about their cons too from this blog.


Traveling can be a good way to get some break off your busy schedule every year. It also affords us the opportunity to bond with our loved ones and those people who matter the most in our lives. If you have a little break off work and study and you are looking to get the best travel tips, then you are going to find just more than you need on TravelBreak.

5.Adventurous Kate

Viewing the world through the lens of a lady who herself has been a traveler all her lives is one experience you don’t want to miss out on this year. The Adventurous Kate is one blog that you must always stay updated with if you are a travel enthusiast.

There are two major ways to get a big picture of the world that we live in. The first is by reading and the second is by traveling around the world to experience things for yourself. What better way is there to combine these two than to read about traveling? There is none and that is why these top 5 blogs are must read blogs in 2021.