Watch Out Fitbit, The Wyze Watch Fitness Tracker Only Costs $20

Smart home tech company Wyze has announced a feature-rich fitness tracker that costs just $20.

The Wyze Watch is available for pre-order today, and will ship from February 2021.

A $20 price encourages low expectations, but the Wyze Watch has an almost baffling amount of tech and hardware considering the cost. It has a 1.75-inch LCD screen — more like that of a smartwatch than a budget fitness tracker — an aluminium frame rather than a plastic one and a blood oxygen saturation sensor.

Wyze’s Watch comes in two sizes, 44mm and 47mm, and the smaller version has a 1.4-inch screen. Wyze claims the watch lasts up to nine days between charges, and its optical HR sensor will keep an eye on your heart rate 24/7.

This is a little less of a departure for Wyze than it may initially appear, as the Watch can be used to control the company’s existing smart home gear over Bluetooth. Wyze makes home security cameras and a thermostat, and it released a basic fitness tracker earlier this year, the $25 Wyze Band.

Still, a Wyze Watch will count your steps like a normal fitness tracker, and the data can be sync’d with either Google Fit or Apple Health. It can also receive notifications from apps including Gmail, WhatsApp and Instagram.

What are the drawbacks? The Wyze Watch is only water resistant to 2 meters, or IP68, not the 5ATM some rivals offer.

And as the screen uses an LCD panel rather than an OLED one, there’s unlikely to be an “always on” watch display option.

The Wyze Watch also lacks GPS and there’s no mention of full activity tracking, where you might, for example, manually start tracking a run rather than letting the watch passively count your steps. It won’t replace a Garmin, but to expect that for $20 is unrealistic.

At the time of writing the Wyze site suggests it has sold over 38,000 Watches. And as the $20 offer is listed as a “pre-order” price, you can expect the cost to rise when the pre-order allocation has run out. A leather strap accessory is available for $10.

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Is LifeTrex Smart Watch Best Fitness Tracker?

12/01/2020, New York City,, NY // KISSPR //

Digital is the new world, and humans are doing wonders in terms of technology. We have diverse technology, which is a blessing for humanity. Correct usage of the technology can enhance efficiency and reduce the time for which an individual works. Watches have always been a prestigious thing for every man, and the wish to wear the best watch never dies.

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Being punctual is the first thing for which a successful person always makes sure. As technology is changing rapidly and the same can be seen in the variation that the watches reflect. The era for smartwatches is at the boom, and the reason one should adopt the change is the features.

There could be no comparison between the features that the smartwatches offer and in between regular watches. These watches not only tell time but also helps in giving plenty of information about an individual’s body. Many brands are selling smartwatches, but one thing common among them is fewer features and high prices. It is the primary reason that people drop the plan to purchase watches. One brand which is getting popular for selling amazing smartwatches is the Life trak Fit Smartwatch. The advertisements are the primary reason people come into expensive brands and miss the chance to enjoy the features. It is the best watch that you will come across in this price range and it is stylish too. Many other reasons make this watch the best of all and consider it before listening to anybody’s suggestions. People often don’t research technology and end up giving the wrong directions to others. It is essential to keep an eye on your heartbeat, oxygen level, and other things inside your body. The reason is the preparatory time an individual gets to observe the problems and take proper steps to start the right treatment. These watches have become essential for day to day work and can help know many things within a single tap on the wristwatch.

What is a Life Trex Fit Smartwatch?

Life Trex Smartwatch approximately masses high-quality audits at the right site, but few surveys are separated. While using this item, customers could choose to display their resting propensities and their pulse, blood oxygen level, and pulse. Moreover, Life Trex suggests to the customers how they may be doing with their exercising schedules to give reviews. The entirety of this record is joined with Life Trex’s presentation associated with the customers’ molecular OS warnings. The notices likewise come from the watch records’ well-being facts, reminding the purchaser to arise and pass round in preference to ultimate inactive. It is possible with Android and iOS frameworks, so it does not distinguish what type of OS the purchaser has.

How does LifeTrex Fit Smartwatch work?

LifeTrak Smartwatch has been made with the help of a terrific deal of a specialized group of workers and highlights a ton of

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Apple Watch bands could offer concealed batteries, enhanced fitness tracking

Apple is continuing to explore ways to improve the Apple Watch via bands, including adding an extra battery to the strap, as well as a fabric band capable of handling various fitness tracking capabilities.

The Apple Watch is already a very capable wearable device, with it housing a collection of accelerometers and other sensors to enable it to monitor the health of the user, among other tasks. Packing all of these features into a confined space is a design challenge, as at some point it will be extremely difficult to add more components without increasing the size of the casing somehow.

Apple believes it can get around that limitation, by placing some of the components outside of the main Apple Watch unit itself and taking advantage of the free space offered by watch bands and straps. These elements are not currently electrically connected to the Apple Watch, and for the moment serve only to affix the device to the user’s wrist, but Apple envisions giving them extra capabilities.

According to a pair of patents granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, Apple’s intentions cover expanding the battery life of the Apple Watch, as well as adding more sensors.

Battery watch band

The first of the two patents, simply titled “Battery watch band,” is pretty straightforward in terms of what it offers. In effect, it’s a watch band that can house multiple batteries, which is connected to the Apple Watch in some way.

Apple’s suggestion is for the band to include multiple battery cells running parallel to each other, and fitting along the watch band section that goes down the wrist, as viewed by the user. By using multiple batteries that are slightly spaced apart, the band will still be able to flex and move without worrying about physically fatiguing the batteries.

The band could contain multiple batteries to extend the usability time for an Apple Watch.

The band could contain multiple batteries to extend the usability time for an Apple Watch.

The band itself would have an inner frame with slots to receive the batteries, complete with tapered projections to protect the battery while slimming down the bulk going towards the sides of the band. An outer cover is employed over the entire assembly. Each of the batteries are also physically isolated from each other, which could potentially allow for simpler replacements during servicing.

The batteries are connected to the Apple Watch by pins within the connector, which slides into the slot at the base of the main unit. Induction coils are mentioned for recharging the batteries, with one battery having the coil wrapped around it and used to recharge all of the cells in the band.

While the main description relates to a typical flexible watch band made from rubber, silicone, or other similar material, Apple also proposes the same thing could be accomplished with a metal watch band. In that particular case, the batteries are held within individual links, encased in an elastomer.

The patent lists its inventors as Michael

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Watch a Bodybuilder Get Wrecked Taking the VO2 Max Fitness Test

In his latest YouTube video, British bodybuilder and CrossFit athlete Obi Vincent put his cardio fitness and aerobic endurance to the test when he took on a VO2 max workout. The VO2 max gives an indicator of a person’s fitness by measuring their energy output based on the oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced during exercise.

British bodybuilder and CrossFit athlete Obi Vincent challenged his personal fitness and endurance in a new YouTube video by taking a VO2 max test.

© Obi Vincent – YouTube
British bodybuilder and CrossFit athlete Obi Vincent challenged his personal fitness and endurance in a new YouTube video by taking a VO2 max test.

“I’ve never tested my fitness,” says Obi. “Throughout school into my twenties, I didn’t do any sports whatsoever. Lazy as anything. I did bodybuilding for years, then CrossFit for two and a half years now, and conditioning. I think if I’d done this two years ago, it would have been a lot worse, trust me. So this is a good lesson. I almost avoided doing any fitness test because I was more scared of what it would look like.”

After 12 minutes (and the equivalent of 3.6 miles) on the assault bike, Obi’s VO2 output is 57

milliliters per minute per kilo. “I should not have done this on the assault bike,” says Obi, breathless from the workout. “That was a bad idea.”

Performance nutritionist Luke points out that the easiest way to up your VO2 max is to lose some weight, which for the stacked Obi would mean losing muscle mass. However, he is already leaner at 242 pounds than he was previously, when he weighed in at 253 pounds, and likes his physique the way it is now, so he’s reluctant to get any smaller.

In addition to highlighting areas of his own personal fitness that he wants to work on, Obi adds that he has learned a lot from Luke in terms of fuelling his body with the right energy sources for workouts. “I’m actually really disappointed with my score… It’ll be interesting to go and start applying some of the things I’ve learned, and see how I get on and do a retest.”

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FitLife Watch Review – All-in-One Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) — 21 Oct 2020

Watches were meant to tell us the time, but how can a watch be left behind with the advancement in technology? Now, as you know, watches have become smart and can do much more than just tell the time. Enjoy your instant 50% Discount on FitLife

A smartwatch can give you call and message notifications on your wrist; it can monitor your health and motivate you to exercise. But all of this comes at a huge cost as the big brands that control the market have big profit margins. Keeping this in mind, a team of techies devised an advanced smartwatch, FitLife, that offers all the functionalities at a much lower cost.

It comes with a massive battery backup and you can even answer calls or send emails and messages from your FitLife. This is a fast selling smartwatch with limited stocks. So if you want to own this smartwatch as a reasonable price, then place your order now!

FitLife Watch Review

FitLife is an amazing smartwatch that provides you with features of a health tracker and mobile phone in one device you can wear around your wrist. It is like a travel companion that tells you the time and keeps you connected to your family and friends, work, and health. FitLife is an affordable smartwatch that ensures accurate health tracking with the latest biometrics. It is very easy-to-operate and reliable, so it is very popular with todays youngsters and fitness enthusiasts who want to keep themselves updated about their calls and messages.

How does FitLife work?

FitLife has the most modern and advanced biometric technology. It measures your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels. The smartwatch can also measure the calories you have burnt during the day. It calculates the amount of time you have slept and computes your sleep pattern. You can also set your alarms and control your music.

The smartwatch computes the steps you have walked in the entire day. It connects to your phone through the latest Bluetooth. Using GPS, i.e., Global Positioning System, it tracks your fitness activities like cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, running, etc. FitLife provides you with all the information on the number of steps you walked, the kilometers you cycled, and the calories burnt during such activities. If you sit down for too long, it will remind you to walk or exercise. It is compatible with any device, including iOS and Android, so you will face no problem even when you change your phone.

How to use FitLife?

It is very simple to set up and use your FitLife smartwatch. You have to open the packing and charge it till the battery is fully charged. In the meantime, download the FitLife app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and connect the watch with Bluetooth. Then your FitLife will work with your smartphone and display notifications for calls, emails, and messages.

== Supplies Running Out! This 50% OFF Discount

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Watch live: New Jersey Governor Murphy gives briefing as state battles new rise in COVID-19 cases

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is holding a COVID-19 briefing Thursday after the state reported more than 1,000 new coronavirus cases for four days straight. It’s no longer just a few hotspot counties causing the virus to spread — the problem is now widespread in the state, CBS New York reported.

Murphy said Wednesday he was self-quarantining out of an abundance caution because a senior member of his staff tested positive for the virus. He stressed he had no symptoms and has tested negative twice this week, including on Wednesday. 

How to watch Murphy’s COVID-19 briefing today

  • What: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy gives briefing on COVID-19 
  • Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020 
  • Time: 1 p.m. ET
  • Location: New Jersey 
  • Online stream: Live on CBSN New York in the player above and on your mobile or streaming device 

Hospitalizations are increasing in the state and more schools are delaying reopenings.  

“This is not something we didn’t expect. We expected a second wave to happen in the fall. But the question is how bad it gets. That means peak, and how quickly we get to that peak,” said Dr. Shereef Elnahal, president and CEO of University Hospital, Newark.

Dr. Elnahal said this week the hospital was already nearly at capacity with non-COVID patients. Now virus-related hospitalizations are increasing again.

“Signs are pointing that this is about to get worse,” Dr. Elnahal said. “When you start to hit levels of 3 or 4% positivity, you can expect even more admissions. And most concerningly… we did have one COVID-19 death last week for the first time in many weeks.”

“The other patients will have to delay their care even more,” Dr. Elnahal added.

State health officials say it’s mostly indoor gatherings and parties contributing to the spike, not schools or businesses. Murphy says that makes it harder to contain.

“As far as we can tell, these are mostly gatherings that are beyond our ability to effectively regulate or easily enforce compliance,” he said.

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Apple Watch Series 6 Beats Garmin’s Fenix 6 Pro For Fitness Tracking In One Important Way

A Garmin runner’s watch like the Fenix 6 Pro Solar is an obvious choice if you want a wearable to track runs, walks and bike rides. But does it really do the job better than an Apple Watch Series 6?

I decided to test these watches’ heart rate sensors in the context of a run. An Apple Watch on one wrist, a Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar on the other, and a Wahoo Tickr HR strap around the chest, acting as a control for this not-quite-scientific test.

Here are the results over a roughly 7km run, one dotted with breaks and slow-downs to see how the trackers cope with sharp changes in effort. The Garmin is the red line, the Apple Watch Series 6 the blue line and the Wahoo Tickr the green.

The most obvious fault here is the Wahoo Tickr chest strap’s. Or, to be fair, my own. Its readings are all patchy and intermittent at the first increase in pace, most likely because the strap wasn’t quite tight enough to start.

However, it is otherwise the most accurate of the three. And I’ve left the first few minutes of tracking in this graph to highlight the main wearable takeaway.

The Apple Watch Series 6 starts off from a much better position than the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, whose results are too high. This is a common observation of Garmins and wearables in general: their HR tracking algorithms tend to assume your heart rate will be far above your resting rate as soon as you begin tracking an exercise.

If you start the session as you warm-up, it will not be. The Apple Watch Series 6’s readings are very accurate from the first seconds onwards.

This issue with lower heart rate readings continues throughout the run. In each decrease in pace, or outright stop in the case of the deepest dip in the graph, the Apple Watch Series 6 tightly matches the lowest reading recorded by the Wahoo Tickr chest strap. But the Garmin’s are all routinely slightly higher.

MORE FROM FORBESGarmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar: Check Out Its 48 Exercise Modes And Fitness Features

The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro shows significantly higher readings during the cool-down too, aside from an aberrant blip at the end where the recorded rate drops, and then compensates with an artificially high peak.

Apple’s Watch Series 6 only failed to keep up, slightly, with the Tickr when I went from running to sitting on a bench, to cause a very steep fall in heart rate. The Apple and Garmin’s falls are similarly cliff-like, but not as steep as the Tickr’s.

The Apple Watch Series 6’s heart rate hardware is superb, obviating the need for a chest strap, for most people. There is another side to this story, though.


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Get the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness watch for $38


The Mi Band 5 recently hit US shores. You can get one for just $38.  

Érika García/CNET

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has arrived in the US, bringing a wealth of impressive features to your wrist on the cheap. How impressive and how cheap? Let’s start with the latter: Walmart has the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for $38. That’s a couple bucks below the last time I shared this deal and the lowest price I’ve seen yet. Note that it’s being offered via a third-party seller, not Walmart proper.

The Mi Band 5’s predecessor, the Mi Band 4, was already a pretty solid product, selling for around $35 and standing toe-to-toe with the pricier Fitbit Inspire HR

The water-resistant Mi Band 5 features a 1.1-inch color AMOLED display (just slightly larger than the Mi Band 4’s), heart rate and oxygen sensors, dozens of animated watch faces, a magnetic charge cord and a 14-day battery.

That battery represents a bit of a downgrade, as the Mi Band 4 was rated for up to 20 days — though two weeks is still pretty fantastic. The Mi Band 5 adds several new sport modes, however, bringing the total to 11. It also adds menstrual tracking.

Although CNET’s US team has to yet to do a full-on review of the product, CNET en Español covered the Mi Band 5 back in August. You can use Google Translate to read an English version of that review. Verdict: “Interesting new features that together with its low price make it a great choice for those who want to start taking care of themselves.”

If you’ve already bought the new wearable, hit the comments and let me know what you think of it!

First published earlier this year. Updated to reflect new sale price and availability.

CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on tech products and much more. For the latest deals and updates, follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and check out our CNET Coupons page for the latest promo codes from Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and more. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page.

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Watch Gymnasts Try Challenges From U.S. and British Military Fitness Tests

British Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson is taking a challenge that YouTubers and athletes alike love to try: military physical fitness tests. There’s an entire genre of fit guys testing their mettle with the physical trials members of the forces must pass—from British bodybuilder Obi Vincent trying the Marine Corps Fitness Test, MattDoesFitness attempting the U.S. Air Force’s Physical Fitness Test, and Olympic runners Nick Symmonds and Ryan Hall taking on the Marine Corps Fitness Test.

a man jumping in the air: British Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson tries out moves from military fitness tests in a gymnasium, including pullups, situps, pushups, and an assault course.

© Nile Wilson – YouTube
British Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson tries out moves from military fitness tests in a gymnasium, including pullups, situps, pushups, and an assault course.

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But Wilson isn’t interested in one specific military outfit’s protocol. For his challenge, Wilson plans to take on a custom challenge comprised of pullups, pushups and situps, all common events in the genre. To fit the theme, Wilson and his friends don faux-camouflage fatigues and wear dog tags (the face paint they apply might just be a step to far).

Wilson sets out a goal number of reps for each exercise:

Chinups: 23

Situps: 70

Pushups: 40

“We’ll see how far we can push the boundaries today,” says Wilson.

Wilson gets to his chinups, and he knocks out 25 reps without dropping.

Next up is situps, which he plans to do for 2 minutes. But he comes up short with only 66.

“Ahhhhh!” he says as he struggles through his last reps. “We’re putting ourselves through hell and high water.”

Finally, he hits the pushups, which will be until he fatigues.

“I’ll be really happy with 87,” he says.

He grabs a yoga block to put under his chest to tap for each rep. He gets to it, and he manages to get to 61 pushups before collapsing. He’s not close to his goal, but it’s a solid effort nonetheless.

In place of the 1.5 mile run standard with military fitness tests, Wilson decides to do an assault course in the gymnasium instead. The challenge uses the gymnastics rings, crawling underneath gym mats, scaling a wall, flips on a trampoline, walking across balance beams, and uneven bars. He completes it in 1:25. That might be more like a military obstacle course than a fitness test—but we’ll give him credit for the effort.

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Apple Watch Series 6 vs. Fitbit Sense: Health, fitness and smartwatch features compared

The Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit Sense are top smartwatches that can help keep an eye on your fitness levels and act as a phone alternative on your wrist. Both also have an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG — Apple uses ECG) app, track workouts, sleep and blood oxygen levels, but they’re different in the way they go about doing these things. To help you decide which is right for you, I’ve compared them on everything from fitness tracking to battery life and overall performance.

If you have an Android phone, the Fitbit is your only option, but both work with iOS devices, making the decision trickier if you have an iPhone. After two weeks of wearing these watches, I can tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all option. If you want the best overall smartwatch, with seamless fitness tracking and safety features, get the $399 (£379, AU$599) Apple Watch. If you want the most robust sleep tracking, temperature sensor and the best battery life, get the $329 (£299, AU$499) Fitbit Sense.

Lexy Savvides/CNET

The latest Apple Watch has a robust set of fitness tracking features, an FDA-cleared ECG, blood oxygen tracking and all the responsiveness you could want from a smartwatch. It’s also the better option if you need built-in LTE to use your watch without your iPhone nearby.

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Lexy Savvides/CNET

The Fitbit Sense also offers an FDA-cleared ECG, strong sleep tracking, a temperature sensor and a stress tracking sensor. Unlike the Apple Watch, it also works with Android, has plenty of third-party watch faces to choose from, and offers the better battery life of the two watches.

Both are comfortable to wear, with familiar designs

The Series 6 looks like every other Apple Watch that has come before it, with a square face available in two sizes (either 40 or 44mm) plus a digital crown and side button. The Sense looks like a higher-end Versa and comes in just one 40mm size with a stainless steel rim around the square face, but instead of a physical button, it has an indentation on the side that vibrates when pressed and can be used to control the screen. While the Fitbit is physically larger than the 40mm Apple Watch, the actual screen size is only a hair bigger than the Apple Watch because of the bezels. The Apple Watch also has bezels around the screen, although they’re slimmer than those on the Sense.

Each watch has a color, always-on screen that’s easy to see in broad daylight, although I found the Apple Watch takes the edge for overall brightness when glancing down at my wrist during an outdoor workout. 

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Apple Watch Series 6 or Fitbit Sense: Choosing the right…


The Sense has many more watch faces to choose from than the Apple Watch, including third-party ones. However, you can further customize some Apple Watch faces to include complications, which are similar to shortcuts: They can display

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