Nothing Is More Valuable Than Your Health

How valuable is your Health? If you succeed at making a lot of money and having a lot of stuff, what good is it if you won't be around to enjoy it. That's right, if you don't have your health you don't have much else. Therefore, pretty quickly your health becomes one of your top defined.

Such a shame that are recently the actor who played Tony Soprano passed away, the same goes for the father in the fresh Prince of Bel Air. Two very successful actors who died way before they should have. It makes me think about our health and it becomes very real. Some of us to even speed our path to termination with unhealthy ways of life such as drugs. I mention this because just recently after by the name of Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away. They found him dead with a heroin needle in his arm. So please stay and be healthy and avoid harmful activities that are clear detriment to your health.

You know I was watching an episode of one of my favorite shows Shark Tank . Funny all the sharks, are very much about health. You could tell by the dollar they are willing to invest, some of the things they think are good ideas. They like things that are normal healthy items. I think maybe it's because they all know that they need their health to enjoy their millions and billions of dollars. Not to mention if you are in poor health the cost can be immense. Remember, I said that one of the number one reasons for bankruptcy in the US was health care costs or debts. Things can come up pretty quick, and they can cost you a pretty penny.

You often hear how "prevention is worth a pound of cure". This is so true! Many don't take it very serious until they had or have a major health issue.

Or maybe that someone did have a major health problem and they beat it. If that happened, I'm sure they are very thankful. They don't want to go through that ordeal again. Not taking care of yourself is like playing 'Russian Roulette'. In other words 'rolling the dice'! You don't want to chance your health or just wish and hope for good health. You can do things to improve or maintain your health.

Now, think about going to your doctor. You have to take time out of your busy schedule, plan your day around it, maybe the kids day too. Then you go, wait in the waiting room, wait in the room. Then you have to go pick up a prescription, etc … You probably don't want to go.

Also, don't forget about those who depend on you, maybe like your kids. We want to play games with the kids, read with the kids, go to their school functions, and more.

So don't neglect your health and do your best to be as healthy as you can. Your health …

Home Fitness DVDs Are Valuable Exercise Tools

Since the days Jane Fonda and her group of leotard-sporting, leg-warmer-wearing exercisers on VHS-that's Video Home System for those of you under the age 25-exercisers have loved the convenience of working out at home. VHS has now long gone the way of the dinosaur, but home fitness fanaticism is still alive and well. Home fitness DVDs are a viable option for those who don't have a gym membership. Thanks to a plethora of home DVDs, tightening up your troublesome spots has never been easier.


The average insomniac can most likely rattle off the names of the popular home fitness DVD programs seen cluttering the airwaves in late-night infomercials. These programs make claims of 60 to 90-day body transformations if you follow them diligently. But for those not so easily sucked into the vortex of late-night infomercials you have the option of purchasing from the local department store or through online DVD companies. The bonus of purchasing online is the customer reviews telling you whether or not a DVD is worth your money.

Time and Effort

The massive buzz surrounding home fitness program-craze has produced its share of bandwagon jumpers. But before you ditch your gym membership you should know that home fitness DVDs require the same effort and consistency as going to the gym; you can't get results if you don't do the workouts. As with any exercise plan you have to be committed to pushing the "Play" button on your DVD player with consistency. Of course no workout program can outdo a bad diet no matter how diligent you are, so make sure you consider your eating habits too.

Pros of Fitness DVDs

Since fitness DVDs come pre-programmed with the exercises there is no guesswork involved. This is beneficial to individuals who don't have experience with creating workout plans. These workout plans are mostly led by energetic fitness experts who guide and encourage you to workout with intensity and "feel the burn". Exercisers can feel confident that these programs were designed to give them great results if they put the consistency and effort.

The stale idea that getting into shape requires a gym membership is a gross misconception for some people. Exercise may be beneficial no matter where you do it. Your body does care whether you are at home or in a gym surrounded by a bunch of people. Working out at home can be just as effective as working out at the gym- and without the collective smell of other people sweat around you.

If you like variety there are home workouts available for people from all walks of life. For seniors, expectant moms, children, fitness buffs – whatever your fitness goals are, there are home workouts out there to suit your tastes.

Cons of Fitness DVDs

One caveat that comes with this method of working out is the boredom factor. Popping the same old DVD in everyday may offer you convenience now but overtime may cause your body to plateau . If you are no …