Try a Dentist’s 10-Second Tip To Fight Mask Breath

No matter how diligent I am about brushing and flossing, I just can’t seem to kick “mask mouth.” Within a few minutes of popping on my PPE, I’m sufficiently grossed out by the smell of my own bad breath. But according to Scott Young, DDS, all I need to do to fix it once and for all is invest in a tongue scraper.

“Tongue scraping can help prevent bad breath by helping remove the odor-causing bacteria that colonizes on the tongue,” he explains. ” Scraping off bacteria from your tongue with a tongue scraper can help remove the sulfur compounds in your mouth and alleviate the foul odors you smell in your mask.” Just as you’d want to keep odor-causing bacteria off of the rest of your body (which, as we all know, is the main point of regular showers), the same goes for your tongue.

Now that mask-wearing has made bad breath our problem (instead of everyone else’s, which on that note: sorry to anyone I’ve ever made out with or close-talked to), stopping it in its tracks is as simple as adding one extra step to your routine. “A tongue scraper can be used daily following a proper brushing and flossing routine,” says Dr. Young. “It should be applied gently from the back of the tongue forward, rinsed, and repeated. It should never be pressed so hard that it is painful or causes bleeding.” Pro tip? Do it while you still have toothpaste on your tongue for added freshness.

And if you want to make your mask smell even sweeter every time you put it on? Try dabbing a few drops of essential oil inside of it. “A dab of an essential oil on your mask can greatly affect your mood,” Amy Galper, former founder of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, previously told Well+Good. And what’s more? “Scent can powerfully affect our state of mind, and certainly these wild uncertain days are causing everyone a lot of stress.”

While masks aren’t optional, having to sniff your garbage breath underneath them is, so get to scraping for the sake of the cause.

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Dentist Marketing Tip: Beware Of Poser Paul

If you own and operate a dental practice, and would like a great piece of advice for steering clear of unqualified dentist marketing advice, then you may want to read this short article.

How come?

Because it tells a true story about so-called marketing experts.

Dentist Marketing Advice and Poser Paul:

Today, I've got a story about a guy named POSER Paul.

Who's that?

Let me explain:

Recently, I went after a copywriting gig with a famous author and speaker whose books are plastered all over the business section of And to make a long story short, this big shot said his current copywriter couldn't cut the mustard because the results of his marketing piece were atrocious.

I listened.

And then, I lost all respect for him when something happened.

When I quoted my price on his copywriting job Poser Paul scoffed and told me, "It'd be a cold day in H * LL before I paid you that."

So I said:

"But you told me you wanted results? Results come with a price. You of all people should know that because that's what you teach. Right?"

Which fell on deaf ears.

Problem is Poser Paul does not practice what he preaches.

Imagine if your dentist told you to brush your teeth but he never did.

Or if a police officer told you to obey the law meanwhile he was out robbing houses.

Or if a school teacher told you not to do drugs meanwhile he was burning one up at home.

My point is this:

I've come to realize that most marketing "gurus" tell you to do one thing, meanwhile they're off doing something else. Poser Paul ain't the only "guru" like this either. Matter of fact with the proliferation of the internet it seems every Adam on the block is claiming to be a sales and marketing expert.

So what can you do if you want proven marketing advice that actually works?

Seek those that do what they tell you to do.

If a copywriter does not spend his own money promoting his own business, then run from him.

If a sales trainer is not in the field using his sales strategies on real people, then run from him.

If a marketing expert does not know principles of direct response, then run from him.

Otherwise you'll get sucked into believing that Poser Paul is a guru when in reality he's a phony.

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