Dallas County reports 554 more confirmed coronavirus cases, 3 deaths; Tarrant logs 501 new cases

Updated at 4:06 p.m.: revised to include cases from Collin County.

Dallas County reported 554 more confirmed coronavirus cases Sunday including 516 which the county considers new and 38 from previous months. Three new COVID-19 deaths were also reported.

Labs either report coronavirus cases directly to the county health department or to the state health department, which then relays the information to individual counties. Of cases reported Sunday, Dallas County health officials said 390 came from the state’s reporting system, including one from June, five from July, 26 from August, six from September and 352 from October. The remaining 164 cases were reported directly to the county health department.

The latest victims included a Garland woman in her 30s who died on an “interstate airline flight,” according to the county. A spokeswoman said she couldn’t release further details about the case, citing the need to protect the woman’s medical privacy.

The remaining victims were a Glenn Heights woman in her 50s and a Dallas man in his 50s who had each been hospitalized. All three had underlying high-risk health conditions.

An electron microscope image of the novel coronavirus.

The newly reported cases bring the county’s total confirmed cases to 89,987. The county’s confirmed death toll stands at 1,085.

Additionally, Dallas County reported 38 probable cases Sunday, bringing the total number of probable cases to 4,580. The county has also reported 13 probable COVID-19 deaths.

Probable cases and deaths include people who had a positive antigen test (sometimes called rapid tests); had antibodies for the virus; or had COVID-19 symptoms and contact with someone who tested positive for the virus.

While other North Texas counties provide estimates for how many people have recovered from the virus, Dallas County officials do not report recoveries, saying it’s not a measurement used by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health officials use hospitalizations, intensive-care admissions and emergency room visits as key metrics to track the real-time impact of COVID-19 in the county. The county said it would next provide hospitalization data on Tuesday.

Doctors look at a lung CT image at a hospital in Xiaogan,China.

The county reported that between Oct. 4 and 10, 390 school-age children tested positive for COVID-19, an increase of 32% from the previous reporting period.

More than two-thirds of all confirmed cases requiring hospitalization so far have been in people under 65, and diabetes has been an underlying condition in about a third of all hospitalized patients, according to the county.

The county’s provisional seven-day average of daily new confirmed and probable cases for the latest reporting period, Oct. 4 to 10, was 453, an increase from the previous reporting period’s average of 383. The figure is calculated by the date of the COVID-19 test collection, according to the county.

Dallas County doesn’t provide a positivity rate for all COVID-19 tests conducted in the area; county health officials have said they don’t have an accurate count of how many tests are conducted each day. But as of the county’s most recent reporting period, 12.6% of people who showed up at hospitals with COVID-19 symptoms tested positive for

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