Oh Snap! When Sex Goes Badly Wrong

In the emergency department, eggplants aren’t just a suggestive emoji — they’re also a sign of injury from overenthusiastic sex.

When a patient’s penis looks bloated and purple, it’s a sign of penile fracture (there is considerable literature, in fact, about “eggplant deformity”). Another sign? When the patient reports hearing a loud “snap!” during intercourse.

That was just one fun tidbit from a virtual talk at this year’s American College of Emergency Physicians annual meeting, given by Lauren Westafer, DO, MPH, MS, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Baystate Medical Center in Springfield.

Genitourinary trauma is no joking matter and such injuries should be treated seriously, Westafer said. “These are actually true emergencies.”

Penile fracture occurs when there’s a tear in the tunica albuginea, the lining of the penis around the erectile tissue. “When anything in the body tears, it also invokes a swelling response,” she said. Inflammation can then impinge on the urethra.

The injury occurs when there’s “some sort of rotational force against the erect penis,” she said, typically during sexual activity like intercourse or masturbation or even rolling over. A Middle Eastern practice known as taqaandan, or “penile cracking,” can also cause the condition.

“This is a clinical diagnosis,” she said. “Typically, you can hear the history, perform the physical exam, and put it together that this patient has a penile fracture.”

It’s critical to treat the condition since penile fracture can cause urethral injury, scarring, and erectile dysfunction, Westafer said. Call urology in all cases, but take time to gather information about details such as whether the patient can urinate and whether blood is at the meatus. To avoid multiple calls, she said, “you want to have all the information lined up and ready to go.” Surgery is the ultimate treatment, but the ER may provide supportive care until surgery is available, she said.

Another not-uncommon complaint in the ER is ischemic priapism – an erection of over four hours that’s caused by blood that stays in the penis – which also qualifies as an emergency, Westafer said. In contrast, she said, non-ischemic priapism is painless and doesn’t need instant treatment — and is much less common.

“Priapism is essentially a compartment syndrome of the penis,” she said. “And compartment syndrome anywhere is a surgical emergency. You’ve got to get that taken care of ASAP and reduce that pressure. Time is erectile tissue. You have irreversible damage in 24 hours.”

There are many possible causes of priapism, she said, such as drug use and sickle cell disease. As for treatment, “the first thing I do is a dorsal nerve block and aspirate. You want to do it really quickly.”

Be prepared for a lot of blood. “We’ve aspirated over 100 ccs, 150 ccs of a patient with priapism previously,” she said. Phenylephrine and an immediate urology consult may be needed if the patient remains erect.

Men are not the only ones to suffer injuries from sex. Women may experience vaginal tears during sexual activity,

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Snap Fitness Reacquires UK and Ireland Markets from Master Developer

International fitness group continues commitment to #OneTeam mentality by investing in the Snap Fitness team, infrastructure and franchise support with more than 100 clubs across Europe

CHANHASSEN, Minnesota, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Snap Fitness, the world’s premier 24/7 fitness concept creating happy and healthy lifestyles for its members, today announced the reacquisition of the UK and Ireland market from its Master Developer.

As part of the global fitness brand’s #OneTeam initiative, which strives to support its team members and franchisees running businesses amidst COVID-19 guidelines, Snap Fitness is continuing to invest internally within the quickly growing UK market. Investments will include infrastructure development, club growth, franchise support and innovative product and technology offerings.

Jon Cottam, previously Managing Director, Europe of Lift Brands (Snap Fitness parent company), will now serve as CEO, EMEA, as the company builds and develops its programs across Europe and other territories for Snap Fitness and sister fitness concept 9Round. Cottam, who has been with Lift Brands since 2018, is an industry veteran in fitness management.

“We have some incredible growth opportunities across our newly reacquired market,” said Alison McElroy, President, International & Chief Legal Officer at Lift Brands global. “I know Jon will continue to excel in this new leadership role, managing the charge for both brands as we continue to grow and build business across EMEA.”

“We are proud of the work we have done so far to support our small business owners,” said Ty Menzies, global CEO of Lift Brands. “We will continue to look for additional opportunities to invest in operations, connecting our people – both locally and globally – as we help our Snap Fitness community weather the storm of COVID-19 together.”

In 2020, Snap Fitness surpassed 100 clubs in Europe and opened five new clubs across the globe in September alone, with the first-ever Japan location set to open in November.

For more information on Snap Fitness, visit the website at www.snapfitness.com.

About Snap Fitness:
Snap Fitness is the world’s most rewarding 24/7 fitness concept with over 2,000 clubs open or scheduled for development in over 20 countries. Snap Fitness offers members the opportunity to see real results. We provide the latest in fitness technology, diverse workout options, personal training, and the most supportive fitness community around the globe. A major fitness brand since 2003, we continue to evolve sustainably along with key fitness trends to provide results for every body!

About Lift Brands:
Lift Brands is a leading innovator in the fitness industry as the parent brand to several fitness franchises and fitness brands worldwide including Snap Fitness, YogaFit Studios Franchise, Fitness On Demand and is a minority partner in 9Round global franchise. With over 1 million members and 2,000 locations open or scheduled for development and locations in over 26 countries, Lift Brands delivers results through the most rewarding fitness experiences in the world and changes lives daily. For more information on Lift Brands, please visit www.liftbrands.com.

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