Seven-Day Average of New Coronavirus Cases in U.S. Reaches All-Time High

The average number of new coronavirus cases reported daily over the past week reached an all-time high of 68,767 on Monday, another indication that the U.S. is experiencing a fresh surge of infections as the weather turns cooler.

The figures, based on a Wall Street Journal analysis of Johns Hopkins data, have increased steadily this month and include back-to-back days of more than 80,000 cases over this past week.

Since a surge of infections over the summer, the seven-day average of new cases dipped to as low as 34,354 a day in mid-September and hovered between 40,000 to 45,000 a day later that month and into October.

Health officials often point to the seven-day average of new cases as a smoother analysis of coronavirus trends in communities and around the country.

Many epidemiologists and public health officials anticipated a surge in new coronavirus infections this fall as cooler temperatures pushed Americans indoors and behaviors changed with the seasons. But this increase in new cases is coming sooner than some expected.

Since Oct. 5, the seven-day average of newly reported cases nationally has exceeded the 14-day average, demonstrating a rise in reported cases in recent weeks. This was the case Monday in 44 states and Washington, D.C., according to the Journal’s analysis of Johns Hopkins data, as surges in reported infections have been reported across every region of the country.

The number of tests reported each day has increased, but so has the percent of those returning positive. On Monday, the seven-day average percentage of positive tests sat at 6.25%, more than the average 4.5% seen at the beginning of the month.

Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff and top campaign adviser, as well as at least three others close to Mr. Pence, tested positive for Covid-19, the Journal reported over the weekend. Mr. Pence plans to continue with campaign events ahead of Election Day after consulting with White House medical staff. Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise individuals potentially exposed to a person infected with Covid-19 to quarantine.

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