Female patient claims Harley Street dentist, 28, ‘used me and got rid of me’

  • Patient A claims she had not pursue the dentist and did not send him messages
  • Dr Sahil Patel is an associate dentist at the Harley Street Smile Clinic in London
  • He took patient to dinner at Savoy after completing her veneer treatment
  • Hearing told the pair then went to hotel and had sex hours after the treatment
  • Patel could face a ban by General Dental Council if his ‘fitness to practise was impaired by misconduct’ 

A female patient claims her Harley Street dentist ‘used me and got rid of me’ when he wined and dined her at the Savoy before having sex with her in her hotel room hours after treating her.

Dr Sahil Patel, 28, twice met up with patient A at a pub after providing her with his mobile phone number.  

He then took the patient out to dinner at the Savoy in London on November 1 last year after completing her veneer treatment. 

They carried on drinking until after midnight, when the dentist said he could not get home ‘as there are no underground trains,’ the General Dental Council heard.

Dr Patel then went to the patient’s hotel room across the street and had sex with her, the tribunal heard.

However the patient denied she had pursued Dr Patel and said she ‘did not send him any messages that were proactive.’  

She said ‘I never once asked that man out or did anything to spur him on. I did not ask him out. 

‘He had lied to me about the train to get into my hotel room. No part of me was leading him on. I did not send him any messages that were proactive.’

Harley Street dentist Dr Sahil Patel, 28, wined and dined a patient at the Savoy then had sex with her in her hotel room hours after treating her, a hearing was told

Asked by Dr Patel’s counsel if she was ‘at least equal in making the running’ for their dates, she replied ‘absolutely not.’

Concluding her evidence of the first day of the hearing, Patient A added:’ My dentist used me and got rid of me.

‘I was shocked. His behaviour was rotten.’    

During the hearing the patient explained she had told the dentist she would be in London in October 2019 and suggested they could meet up.

She said: ‘He said he wanted to take me out’

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The hearing was told that the patient had described emails from the dentist as probing into her life.

She said they had a mutual interest in property development and were both landlords and any meeting was not of a sexual nature but over their shared interests.

Patient A denied that she flirted with the dentist in a series of text messages they swapped.

She also denied that she was flirting by telling him she needed to shower before they met up.

Patient A said that after they met at a pub in west London she understood to have

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