Dr. Benjamin Emery, Dentist in Casper, WY, Completes Seven Times the Continuing Education Hours Required by the State of Wyoming

Dr. Benjamin Emery completes over 300 hours of continuing education. Dr. Emery and his team in Casper, WY raise awareness of the importance of seeing a dentist trained in the latest techniques to receive lasting and effective dental care.

CASPER, Wyo. (PRWEB) October 21, 2020

Respected Casper, WY dentist, Dr. Benjamin Emery has now completed over 300 hours of continuing education courses over the last five years. As the first year that Wyoming has required dentists to receive any continuing education, Dr. Emery and his team are raising awareness of the importance of choosing a clinician with knowledge of the latest trainings and techniques. In constant pursuit of breakthrough research and findings in the field of dentistry, Dr. Emery and his associates, Drs. Stuart Youmans, Melissa Youmans, and Austin Baker emphasize the importance of this accomplishment.

Dental continuing education includes trainings and courses completed after dental school. These courses help clinicians stay up to date on the latest discoveries and ensures they retire outdated techniques after more minimally invasive ones are proven. Each state requires a minimum number of continuing education hours or credits to be completed by each dentist during every renewal period in order to practice in that state. Until this year, Wyoming was the only state that did not have a set requirement for dentists.

For reference, Arizona requires 72 hours be completed every three years and South Dakota requires 100 hours every five years. Starting this year, Wyoming requires just 16 hours of continuing dental education be completed every two years.

This puts Dr. Emery’s 300 hours over the last five years into better perspective. Dedicated to his craft and his community, he devotes so much of his time to furthering his education because he refuses to offer outdated care when better solutions are available. He strives to provide his patients with dental care that not only improves their health but offers a comfortable experience and lasting results.

As one of only a few dentists in Casper and Wyoming to offer full mouth reconstruction, he provides truly life-changing care with this transformative treatment all from the comfort of one practice. Dedicating over a decade of experience perfecting his craft, he restores smiles worn-down from teeth-grinding, incomplete from tooth loss, or tarnished by cosmetic imperfections by strategically blending a comprehensive list of treatments. With training from prestigious organizations such as the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry, he combines services like crowns, bridges, Invisalign®, and dental implants, with modern technology including precise and comfortable digital scanning. By doing so, Dr. Emery and his award-winning team create functioning, lasting, and natural-looking smiles that rebuild proper health and restore self-confidence.

When choosing a dentist for care, from regular teeth cleaning to full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Emery and his team at Aspen Ridge Dental encourage patients to consider how much time the clinician has dedicated to continuing education. As uncompromising with his training and education as he is with his patients’ care, Dr. Emery and his team welcome new patients to

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