Dentist Abandons Patient Mid-Surgical Procedure After Hectic Fight with Colleague

Mirna Domínguez went to La Paz Dental Group to get a dental prosthesis and asked for a loan of $8,000 from the Lending Point financial group to pay for the procedure. Her common visit to the dentist office, quickly turned into a nightmare.

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According to Domínguez, the dentist who was removing one of her molars engaged in a heated fight with one of her colleague’s and didn’t finish her surgical procedure.

“My dentist and another doctor started fighting right in the middle of my surgical treatment,” Domínguez said. “The dentist got up and told me that she was done, and she left me with a deep wound and only a cotton pad on my tooth. I asked her for an explanation, but she just said no, no, no, I can’t do the job anymore.”

Dominguez was then forced to leave the dental office with the unfinished procedure and seek help in an emergency room.

“The dentist made a cut to remove a nerve from my tooth, but then she left it open, and when the anesthesia passed, I began to have severe pain,” said Domínguez, who was forced to visit another doctor to “finish the procedure.”

After the unfortunate experience, Dominguez informed La Paz Dental Group that she would no longer return and that she wanted to cancel their services. She requested a refund but the dental office refused.

“They told me that they couldn’t give me anything back because they had already started my procedure.”

Dominguez then sought help from our sister station, Telemundo 52. Telemundo contacted La Paz Dental Group, but the office refused to speak about the incident. The news station then contacted Lending Point, the financial group Dominguez requested a loan from.

After reviewing the case, Lending Point said that La Paz Dental Group never informed them about the incident with Dominguez.

Lending Point also stated that given the circumstances, they did cancel Domínguez’s debt at the dental office and that Dominguez could use the money to pay for the emergency services she had received elsewhere.

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Parents Say Toddler’s Dental Procedure Went Horribly Wrong

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Monica and Donavyn, a couple from Alabama, took their 22-month-old son Chance to the dentist to get two of his teeth capped.

Chance wasn’t in any pain prior to the appointment. It was supposed to be a simple, routine procedure that would fix some dental decay.

During the appointment, Donavyn watched as the dentist started working in Chance’s mouth. He told Donavyn that Chance would need a root canal — but that’s when his parents say things took a very disturbing turn.

“He’ll file some more teeth down, he’ll start shaking his head, I watched [the filing tool] get the tops of his gums,” Donavyn told KFOR. “It hurts my heart to see my son go through that.


It also hurts my heart because I allowed them to do it, thinking they were professionals.”

At some point during the procedure, Chance’s parents say the dentist and his staff tried several times to get one of the caps to stick to his newly filed teeth, but they eventually gave up.

“The dentist kept explaining that they had never done a procedure on a child this small, and they really didn’t know what to do,” Monica recalled. “And mid-through the process they just stopped and said there was nothing they could do and kind of left the room and left my ex-husband in there with him.”

Chance left the dentist’s office swollen and in pain, and with four front teeth that were so shaven down that they were sharp to the touch.

He was in such bad shape that Monica and Donavyn rushed him to the emergency room.

It was there that the ER doctors realized just how poorly Chance’s dental visit had gone, and the lasting effects it could have…

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Woman files $10M suit against dentist after alleged botched procedure

A clarinetist claims she could literally lose face after an allegedly botched procedure by a Manhattan dentist.

Boja Kragulj, who has performed in orchestras in Philadelphia and New York, claims in a $10 million lawsuit that her face could “prematurely age” because of “irreversible” bone loss from the work of Martha Cortes.

Facing the prospect of double jaw surgery after lifelong dental and breathing problems, Kragulj turned to Cortes in 2013 for an alternative. The dentist, who has an office on Central Park South, treated Kragulj unsuccessfully for years before placing a device called an Anterior Growth Guided Appliance, or AGGA, and controlled arch braces, in the musician’s mouth.

The AGGA was supposed to be a substitute for jaw surgery by stimulating new bone growth, helping to move Kragulj’s teeth and jaw forward and improve her airway. Instead, Kragulj claims in court papers, the device left her in worse shape than before.

AGGA is “unproven [and] not supported by medical knowledge or science,” according to the lawsuit.

Now Kragulj could lose four to six front teeth, and, over time “vertical dimension” — the space between her nose and chin — leading to the early aging of her face, she alleges.

Cortes should have known the AGGA wouldn’t work as advertised and failed to immediately repair it when part of it broke, according to Kragulj’s Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

It’s unclear how the dental disaster impacted the musical career of Kragulj, who is suing Cortes along with others.

Cortes did not respond to a message.

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