OKC Dentist Working With On-Site Lab to Bring Patients Best in Cosmetic Dentistry

OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Providing the highest quality, longest lasting and most honest dentistry available has been a commitment of OKC dentist Dr. Chris Saxon’s since he began practicing dentistry. He is keeping this commitment by providing his patients with an on-site dental lab. This allows Dr. Saxon and his team at Saxon Dentistry to work hand in hand with the lab specialists to ensure an outstanding level of quality and service.

The Saxon Dentistry Difference

In most practices, the standard procedure is to outsource your dental lab needs. These typically include dentures, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, implant restorations and more. While convenient and often less expensive for dentists, quality and precision are often compromised. With Saxon Dentistry, this is kept on-site, ensuring greater quality control, accuracy of fit and most importantly, higher patient satisfaction.

When patients embark on full smile makeovers, dental implants, porcelain veneers and even a single crown, they are putting a lot of trust in their dentist. This trust is not taken lightly at Saxon Dentistry. The on-site lab utilizes top tier dental materials, advanced technology and employs skilled, meticulous technicians. Combining this with Dr. Saxon’s expertise allows for predictable, high quality outcomes.

When teaming up with the on-site dental lab specialist, Dr. Saxon can bring them directly into the room with the patient and together listen to the patient’s concerns. Without an on-site lab, dentists have to relay information to their labs via phone call or email. Details get lost in translation, and details matter greatly when customizing a smile for patients. Sometimes the most minor adjustment can have the biggest impact.

Smile Makeovers OKC

Dr. Saxon has a particular passion for making dentistry beautiful and natural. His keen eye for detail can make any dental restoration, from a single cracked tooth repair to dental veneers to full mouth dental implants, blend seamlessly into a smile. This has made him a highly sought after OKC cosmetic dentist and implant dentist.

“When dentistry is done to the highest level, no one should be able to detect that you’ve had dental work completed.”

He believes in meeting patients exactly where they are in life, understanding their goals and setting forth the appropriate treatment from there. There is no one size fits all dentistry in his office. Personalized care is not only necessary; it’s what every patient deserves that walks through a dentist’s door.

Get to Know Oklahoma City Native, Dr. Chris Saxon

Dr. Saxon is a native of Oklahoma City and a graduate of Putnam City North high school. He received his doctorate from the University of Oklahoma College Of Dentistry. He takes between 100-150 hours of continuing education every year, far exceeding the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry’s requirements.

Dr. Saxon is committed to giving back to the local community. One way he does this is by being an Oklahoma Mission of Mercy participant. Dr. Saxon is an avid golfer, cyclist and kite boarder, but his greatest joy comes from spending time with

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Assumption School Reopens On-Site Kindergarten In San Leandro

SAN LEANDRO, CA — Assumption School in San Leandro reopened Monday for in-person learning for its transitional-kindergarten and kindergarten classes in a hybrid format for half-day classes.

Parents wishing to keep their children enrolled in distance-learning still have that option, school officials said.

Assumption is taking a “measured approach” to its return to in-person teaching and will phase in the return of first- through fifth-grades over the next few months, officials said.

Assumption’s reopening for TK and K students follows Alameda County hitting the state’s Orange Tier category, which allows elementary schools to hold in-class instruction providing COVID-19 health plans are in place and submitted to Alameda County’s Office of Education and Public Health Department.

Assumption’s reopening plan covers procedures for physical distancing, routine testing of staff, daily cleaning and disinfecting of learning spaces and increased ventilation, Principal Lana Rocheford said. The reopening is another step in supporting students in this “new normal,” with staggered attendance and the boost in digital-education, along with a maintenance routine of health and safety practices to help prevent coronavirus spread.

“Whether before the pandemic or now, and whether we are distance-learning or in-person, it has always been about how we can create a place where students will feel safe, nurtured, respected and treasured,” Rocheford said.

The parent of one kindergartner said her son is thrilled to return to the classroom.

“It has been a balancing act trying to manage work and both of my sons’ distance learning, all while trying to keep my family safe and healthy during this pandemic,” said Erica Marr. “We are thankful that Israel can return back to the classroom and experience kindergarten in-person this school year. The school has worked hard to get to this point.”

This article originally appeared on the San Leandro Patch

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