This Myanmar Doctor Gave Up a Life of Medicine and Is Now a Famous OnlyFans Model


Nang Mwe San during a photoshoot. Photo: Aung Naing Soe

“Should I remove the cover-up?” Myanmar model Nang Mwe San asked during a recent shoot to advertise a male enhancement capsule promising bigger penises, harder erections, and a better sex life. 

The pink sarong was wrapped around her waist. She removed it, walked down to the shallow end of a pool, faced the camera, and smiled while posing for photographs.


“We’ve had other sexy models for ads … but Nang Mwe San’s name trumps all of them,” Moe Kyaw, the distributor of the pills, told VICE World News. “People are more interested in the products when she’s the one endorsing them.”

Little known outside her country, the 30-year-old trained physician is famous in Myanmar, where her story from doctor working in conflict zones to on-camera performer has been met with fascination, anger, and shock in a country where few women would talk so openly about a life in adult entertainment.

It started about two years ago, when she began posting provocative photos of herself on Facebook, where she now has 1.7 million followers. The photos gained an audience and caught the attention of the medical establishment, which took her license away in 2019, arguing that her images were inappropriate and “not in line with Myanmar culture.”

She found herself in a dilemma. Should she fight to get her license back and fulfill her parents’ wishes of being a doctor, or should she follow her other passion and become a full-time model? She soon resigned from her job working as a medical officer for an NGO.


“I enjoyed posting sexy photos on social media. The organization I was working with at that time didn’t like it,” she said.

“Revoking my medical license was a huge push for me to become a full-time model.” 

After shrugging off the public censure she doubled down and signed up to OnlyFans. The subscription-based content platform has made cult celebrities out of sex workers and adult performers around the world. But in conservative Myanmar, the career shift did not go over well. 

“Many criticized me including relatives, friends, and people on social media, but I didn’t really think about them,” Nang Mwe San said. “I do not even check the negative comments under the social media accounts.”

She is right not to. A quick perusal of her page shows sexually abusive comments and insults to her character.

Since her early days as a doctor, however, Nang Mwe San has always had something of an independent streak, wanting to go to places others might shy away from. She was drawn to medical work in conflict zones, and for a time worked for an NGO in Shan, Kachin, and Rakhine States, including in displaced camps for the Rohingya Muslim minority.

“While other fresh graduates were not willing to serve in the countryside and tried to get postings in cities like Yangon, I wanted to go to such places,” she said, adding that her parents were constantly worried about

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Islamist party member says he follows OnlyFans because of ‘fitness trainer’ but Malaysians not buying it

A member of the Malaysian Islamic Party, or PAS, defended himself today for following OnlyFans on Twitter, saying that he only did so in order to track a fitness trainer he seemed to be a fan of. 

Hezry Yasin, who is a member of the Islamist party’s youth wing, was called out on Twitter after following the official account of the platform popular for its NSFW content. Despite his defense, people refused to buy his explanation, which also failed to mention the name of the so-called fitness trainer he was looking out for. Hezry also claimed that he does not subscribe to the OnlyFans platform. 

Screenshot that shows Hezry following the official OnlyFans Twitter account. Photo: Yallayalladin/Twitter

“My friends and I were following the progress of a fitness trainer, who mentioned that he would share more in-depth knowledge on OnlyFans,” Hezry said today. 

Fitness content promoted on the OnlyFans Twitter account in recent days included one featuring a fitness enthusiast known as Lorrie, and another one that shows a fitness model known as Ana

Others weighing in on Hezry following OnlyFans on Twitter had asked why he would search for fitness content on the platform when there’s plenty of free fitness videos on YouTube. 

“Why would he subscribe to OnlyFans to watch fitness trainers when you can see these masculine men do the same on YouTube for free? Hezry Yasin sweetie… I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!” Twitter user @Idespisecats said. 

Hezry, who has expressed his views that women should wear modestly, has since unfollowed the OnlyFans’ official Twitter account but the criticism continues to fill Twitter today, including a meme inspired by him. 

“Well, you seem to have a lot to say about a woman’s modesty, and yet you follow @OnlyFans?” Twitter user @Yallayalladin said. The comment, which was written in response to Hezry telling someone to “cover up her hands and legs,” has since been shared 500 times.

His political rival Shafiq Kassim from the Democratic Action Party also had something to say: “Hi @hezryyasin after this I hope you stopped lecturing on Twitter about religion and modesty and all that jazz. We all know what Only Fans is famous for and those subscriptions aren’t cheap either. Best put those US dollars to good use for the PAS Youth fund, okay?”

OnlyFans has been growing popular recently with at least 30 million users ever since it was established in 2016. While it is also home to other types of content such as art or indie music, it is mostly popular for adult entertainment. 

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