‘Obsessed’ patient who stalked dentist with ‘murder kit’ jailed for breaching restraining order

An “obsessed” man who went to prison for stalking his dentist with a “murder kit” has been jailed again for following his victim just months after his release.

Tom Baddeley, 42, secretly followed orthodontist Ian Hutchinson, 52, with a car boot full of weapons capable of causing “serious harm” – including a crossbow, a knife, bleach and plastic sheeting – and kept detailed surveillance logs of Dr Hutchinson’s movements spanning four years.

Baddeley, who was a patient of Dr Hutchinson in Bristol between 2012 and 2016, created a “sinister” document counting down to something he referred to as “The Event”.

Further details of the document were not specified, but a judge said Baddeley’s notes meant, “at the very least there was a plan to cause him [Dr Hutchinson] substantial harm, if not to end his life”.

Baddeley was handed an indefinite restraining order after he pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon, possession of a bladed article and stalking in August.

Police discovered a crossbow, a knife, a snood, gloves, a ski mask, bleach, plastic sheets and cleansing wipes in Tom Baddeley’s car boot

(Gwent Police)

He was sentenced to 16 months in prison but was released from custody the very same day because of the time he had spent on remand, unbeknownst to his victim.

Baddeley was then spotted approaching The Smile Lounge, one of Dr Hutchinson’s dental clinics in Chepstow, just two months later on 7 October.

He was sentenced to two years in prison on Thursday and told any further breach of the restraining order carried a term of five years’ imprisonment.

A victim impact statement read out in court heard how Dr Hutchinson had been left with mental health problems and forced to change his lifestyle and routines in fear of what Baddeley would do.

“I struggle to sleep at night, and I’m constantly looking over my shoulder for things that seem out of place,” he said.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said pre-sentence reports compiled for him “lead me to the conclusion it will be quite some time before your obsession with Dr Hutchinson subsides”.

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Bristol stalker obsessed with former dentist found near clinic after being released from jail

A Bristol man found with a“murder kit” while stalking his former dentist has been jailed again just months after being released from prison.

Tom Baddeley was handed a restraining order and sent to prison in August after previously being found with a crossbow, kitchen knife and a sinister schedule counting down to “the event”.

But although he was jailed for 16 months, Baddeley was released a short time later due to the time had already spent in custody.

In October a police officer spotted the 42-year-old close to the clinic of his former orthodontist and victim Ian Hutchinson in breach of his restraining order.

On Thursday Cardiff Crown Court Thursday that officers knew Baddeley should not be in Chepstow when he was seen close to Mr Hutchinson’s dental practice in the Wye Valley town,

A Gwent Police officer spotted him on a bicycle close to the Severn Bridge on October 7 and saw him park his bicycle and walk towards Mr Hutchinson’s surgery.

Train tickets from Bristol were found in his possession when he was arrested at around 1.10pm but he gave no comment to all questions.

Baddeley was seen wearing a face mask, dark sunglasses, and a cap said Nigel Fryer, prosecuting.

“The officer believed he was trying to disguise himself,” reported WalesOnline.

Mr Fryer said the incident in October came after Baddeley’s “exceptionally sinister” behaviour in 2019 when a court heard he spent years stalking his victim who had no knowledge it of the time.

Mr Hutchinson said the latest incident “did not surprise me” and added he was constantly in fear.

A victim impact statement read to the court said although he was relieved Baddeley was caught “quickly” the incidents mean he has changed every aspect of his life.

The court heard is “constantly looking over my shoulder” and that his partner has left him following the first incident.

He said: “My family feel paranoid and fearful for themselves and for me. My social life is now non-existent. My life is completely changed and now I question everyone I meet.”

Lucy Crowther, defending, said Baddeley had “no intention” to confront Mr Hutchinson and “did not intend any harm”.

Ms Crowther said her client accepts he breached the order and explained: “The observation became something of a hobby.”

In August this year the same court heard Baddeley was caught on November 27, 2019, when a witness saw him sitting in a car wearing a balaclava.

Mr Fryer said she found that “disturbing”, adding: “She was obviously frightened and concerned.”

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Police were alerted and two officers stopped the defendant in Chepstow.

They searched the car and found a crossbow, pack of bolts, a kitchen knife, mask, gloves, lighters, and a hammer. There was also a bottle of bleach, sunglasses, surface wipes, and dust sheets.

Mr Fryer at that hearing said: “It is perhaps not hyperbole to call that

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‘Obsessed’ patient Tom Baddeley who stalked dentist Ian Hutchinson with crossbow jailed for two years

A disgruntled patient who stalked his dentist with a crossbow, bleach, and plastic sheeting has been jailed for two years after breaking a restraining order against him.

Tom Baddeley, 42, was previously sentenced to prison in August for secretly following orthodontist Ian Hutchinson with a boot full of weapons capable of causing “serious harm” and logging his movements over a four-year period.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Baddeley developed an “obsession” with his dentist Dr Hutchinson while he was a patient of his between 2012- 2016 in Bristol.

They also heard that he made “bizarre” complaints about Dr Hutchinson during this period before their contact broke off.

Baddeley was first caught by police in November 2019 after a member of the public reported him acting suspiciously in his parked car – one of over 30 vehicles he bought to limit the chance he’d be recognised by Dr Hutchinson – near the orthodontist’s home in Monmouthshire.

Police found him wearing a balaclava and discovered a kit in his boot including a crossbow, a knife, a snood, gloves, a ski mask, bleach, plastic sheets, and cleansing wipes.

In his Bristol home the police found detailed surveillance logs of Dr Hutchinson’s movements spanning four years. They also found a “sinister” document counting down to something Baddeley referred to as “The Event”, of which the details to were never specified.

Baddeley was sentenced to 16 months in prison in August and handed an indefinite restraining order after he pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon, possession of a bladed article, and stalking.

But on Thursday, the court heard he had in fact been released from custody the very same day he was sentenced because of the time he had spent on remand, unbeknownst to his victim.

Prosecutor Nigel Fryer said Baddeley was spotted approaching The Smile Lounge, one of Dr Hutchinson’s dental clinics in Chepstow, just two months later on October 7.

Baddeley was caught by officers riding a bicycle after being recognised by them despite wearing a baseball cap, a facemask and dark sunglasses.

Mr Fryer said: “It is not an understatement to say that this had a profound effect on Ian Hutchinson.”

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A victim impact statement read out in court heard Dr Hutchinson, 52, say he had been forced to change his lifestyle and routines in fear of being cornered by his stalker, and feared what Baddeley would have done to him.

He said: “I’d thought about what if he’d been able to get into the practice, what he would have done to the staff or any patients. This makes me feel upset.

“I have been a dentist for 30 years. This is not something I thought I would have to consider.”

He said the incident had also led to his long-term partner leaving him, with some of the reasons including not feeling safe within his home and potential reprisals from Baddeley.

“This has affected my mental health considerably. I have become very irritable and short-tempered.

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Healthy Living – Are You Obsessed With Your Health?

When it comes to health, most of us are merely trying to do the very best we can. We take note of how we are currently feeling and are striving to one-up how we feel as time goes on. We exercise, make changes to our diet plan, and look after our sleep needs. So, one should think we are on track to optimal success.

However, could you be too concerned about your health? For some people, this is a genuine concern: call it health OCD if you want, or call it anxiety. If you spend too much time looking at and researching your state of health and how you should feel, you may have a problem on your hands as incidents of acute stress affects your body and in a measurable way…

1. How To Spot Trouble. First, let us talk about how to spot trouble when it may be starting. The thing about being overly health conscious is usually you do not even realize you have a problem until it is too late and you have a full-blown anxiety disorder.

Some of the signs you may be becoming obsessed with your health include…

  • you are always feeling stressed about your health and wondering why you are not feeling better.
  • you visit the doctor complaining of symptoms that fail to exist.
  • people around you often tell you not to worry so much.
  • when the doctor advises you there is no health issue, it does not ease your anxiety.
  • when you hear of a disorder in someone else, you begin researching it and may eventually come to believe you have it as well.
  • you have trouble resting easy after tests have been taken, and you cannot focus on your usual life until you know the results.

If you are experiencing even a few of these symptoms, this is not something to take lightly.

2. What To Do About Your Anxiety. What do you do if you do spot yourself in some of the above points?

  • first, talk to a friend. Ask them if they have noticed you becoming overly concerned with having different diseases. If they have, then there could be an issue at hand.
  • next, consider consulting a psychological counselor. Talk to someone trained in dealing with this type of problem. You may need professional help to get past it.
  • finally, practice stress controlling tactics. Stress-busting techniques often work for combating anxiety too, so the two can go hand in hand. The selection of methods to relieve pressure is somewhat personal.

Common health concerns when you are genuinely ill is nothing to stress over as there is a built-in level of stress when recovering from an illness. It is when you become consumed with negative thoughts about your health you could find you have a significant problem.

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