Fab founder Jason Goldberg is back with Moxie, a new live-streaming fitness marketplace

Amid a pandemic that has closed down fitness centers worldwide, a spate of companies has muscled their way into the booming at-home fitness market.

In just the last two weeks, three-year-old Future, which promises at-home customers access to elite training, closed on $24 million in Series B funding; and Playbook, a nearly five-year-old fitness platform that helps personal trainers stream their content (and charge a monthly fee for it), raised $9.3 million in Series A funding.

Now, serial entrepreneur Jason Goldberg — who has founded a number of venture-backed startups — is taking the wraps off another live-streaming platform and marketplace. Called Moxie, it connects fitness instructors of all stripes with existing and new students, then enables them to stream classes on a subscription basis — and to keep 85 percent of the revenue for themselves.

Well, according to Goldberg, it’s all far more sophisticated than that. Indeed, Moxie’s 45 employees were working on a very different company until COVID-19 took hold in Europe and the U.S., following its initial outbreak in China. (Moxie is based in Berlin.) After some soul-searching, the team pivoted completely to fitness, and they’ve been testing and tweaking Moxie ever since.

It’s a compelling proposition, even while other startup founders are also chasing after it. While a year ago, fitness instructors spent 90 percent of their time in studio settings, they now spend 90 percent of their time teaching online, which means they need really solid tools to do their jobs well.

While earlier in the pandemic, many of them turned to Zoom, emailing students links and taking payments via Venmo, it was a janky experience for everyone involved.

With Moxie, an instructor, says Goldberg, can live stream classes, as well as record them; access playlists that Moxie has already licensed through third parties (and whose volume Moxie’s technology can dampen when an instructor is talking); and access internal customer relationship management tools that make it easy to track and communicate with students, along with automatically collect payment from them.

The benefits are resonating, according to Goldberg. He says that largely by finding and pitching instructors on Instagram, Moxie has already attracted more than 2,000 instructors of yoga, pilates, and barre-centered classes among others, and that they are now teaching more than 6,500 classes for a range of prices that the instructors can set themselves.

Classes on average apparently range in price from $5 to $10, and Goldberg says that over the last four weeks, customers have been spending an average of $60 on the platform per month. (Moxie uses Stripe for payments and AWS to store and stream video.)

Investors like Howard Morgan, Geoff Prentice, Allen Morgan who’ve backed Goldberg time and again like the idea, clearly. Along with Tencent, they’ve provided Moxie with $2.1 million in seed funding, and Goldberg suggests he’ll be ready for more capital soon.

Whether new investors will need to be convinced that Moxie is “the one,” given Goldberg’s history, remains to be seen.

As longtime industry watchers

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Fit4Mii app Announces Online and Online-to-offline Fitness Training Platform and Multi-Lingual Marketplace

“Find the right fit for you at Fit4Mii”

In one swift move, Fit4Mii app has established a workout system that allows fitness enthusiasts to participate virtually via the internet or offline from it’s world-class trainers. The platform also features a marketplace where fitness enthusiasts can get their hands on all necessary tools required to achieve a healthy body and mind.

Fit4Mii app is a fully accessible online and online-to-offline fitness platform and market place. It provides online training for everyone, no matter age or ability both on and offline. Fit4Mii app trainers go through rigorous training and are largely multi-lingual and when combined, speak 19 languages. They are qualified in many disciplines including Muay Thai, corrective exercise, yoga, nutrition, pilates, and Zumba. At Fit4Mii app, there is an online fitness class for everyone, everywhere regardless of age, language, health condition, body type and gender.

Given the covid pandemic, health and fitness has become an important focus. Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate to vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest. The Fit4Mii app online fitness platform does not only help users to exercise, but to do it the right way. Fit4Mii app enables each participant to find tailored fitness programs to help them get the most from working out. Besides fitness, these programs also touch on other aspects of health and wellness such as bone, mental, social and emotional.

Fit4Mii app has a well-rounded online fitness program to improve a person’s fitness levels in all aspects of fitness. Fitness enthusiasts have come forward to say that the platform has been a lot of help as it has pushed them into developing other parts of their bodies. Without Fit4Mii app, most participants confessed to only practicing cardio/respiratory endurance or weight training.

Fit4Mii app is virtual gym providing live and interactive fitness classes online. Participants can access several fitness courses or programs ranging from Cardio, Dance, Nutrition to Kids fitness, and Family. In a bid to make its services available to everyone, the team at Fit4Mii has made sure to mix its paid courses with some free courses. Now, everyone can participate.

For more information visit the Fit4Mii website or use the media contact outlets below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Fit4Mii app
Contact Person: C.king
Email: Send Email
Address:Reurikwei 62
City: Arnhem
State: Gelderland
Country: Netherlands
Website: https://www.fit4miiapp.com/


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