Marie Benoit’s Diary: Chronicles of a dentist caught in the pandemic

Dr Klaus Vella Bardon is a dentist and has a twin brother. There is also a younger brother, eight years their junior. They had an idyllic upbringing in St Paul’s Bay, throughout the Fifties, where their father was the village doctor.

 Klaus graduated in Malta in 1970 and then studied at the dental school of Dundee 1970/71. He opened a clinic in Malta in 1972 and worked in Libya and did locums in Abu Dhabi for a brief period. He found that the vast expanse of sand and sea had a great impact on his spiritual maturation.

His wife Susan and himself have been married for over 44 years and they have been blessed with four children.

He has worked on various committees and associations and is now involved with Life Network Malta.

Klaus loves music and is a skillful player of the accordian. He is also a regular and followed contributor to the local press.

How were his lockdown days?

“As news of the Coronavirus pandemic intensified, my wife Susan and I were visiting our daughter in Ghent, Belgium. We were enjoying mild late winter weather in early March and most of the days of our short ten-day holiday were remarkably sunny. Due to their central heating, living indoors in Belgium is much more congenial than it is back home. Although at the time, Belgium seemed totally indifferent to the pandemic, Susan was getting alarming messages of the looming pandemic from Malta on her smartphone. I persist on using a basic cell phone and thus live in blissful ignorance unlike so many others who spend every waking minute scrolling through the endless information that floods the Internet.

On a positive note, together with our daughter, we were able to visit a Ghent museum and see the splendid exhibition of Van Eyck as people had started to cancel their bookings. There would otherwise have been no chance of visiting this highly regarded event as it had been booked up for weeks.

The gravity of the pandemic struck us very suddenly as Susan and I were on our return trip to Malta on the 12th of March. We were hoping to travel home before any measures were taken. We were hit by the new measures as we were trooping down the tunnel towards the awaiting Air Malta plane. The passengers were all ordered to stop and wait. Wait we did for almost two hours, standing up in close proximity. A young Italian stood in front of me and being aware that Northern Italy was starting to be really badly hit by soaring mortality rates, it was rather worrying. No official bothered to show his face. The reason was obvious. They were scared out of their wits and were awaiting instructions as we stood and waited. It always amazes me how people will meekly put up with inconvenience when gripped by fear of the unknown. I was furious, and when we were cheerily greeted as we went aboard the plane without even

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Pierre Et Marie Curie Faculty Of Medicine

Operation Stroll strives to increase the good quality of life for impoverished patients by way of the direct and indirect delivery of orthopedic wellness care. The faculty of medicine gives courses for the 3 cycles of health-related studies: from PCEM1 (given within the faculty) to the 3rd cycle such as DES (Diploma in Specialised Research in Medicine), DESC (Diploma of Complementary Specialised Studies), DU (University Diploma) and DIU (Inter University Diploma).

In the physiology of the iris of the eye we see that sympathetic nerve stimulation causes tiny muscle tissues to dilate the pupil to allow in adequate light, although simultaneously parasympathetic excitation constricts the pupil to maintain excess light out.

A single of the main motives for this is that as opposed to American citizens, internationals are not eligible for federal monetary aid or loans, and so most frequently, they require to offer their own funding for the complete duration of their studies – and occasionally they even require to prove that they have enough cash (up to total of around $200,000) on their account at the time of their admission.

Each the Magdalene laundries and the mother-infant residence in Tuam were in Ireland, which was possibly extreme in the poverty, ignorance, and quick ties to the Roman Catholic Church, but the treatment of females in England and the US had been also inexcusably harsh.

We knew, and every day had reinforced, that our very best efforts could not make up for the influence of poverty and discrimination that in spite of the fact that the hospital did not charge individuals, even for outpatient medications (although they had to wait hours for their prescriptions to be filled) the obstacles to their overall health had been massive.…

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