The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization and Share Moving Media Announce Joint Venture to Publish DSO-focused Dental Trade Magazine

The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) is committed to providing emerging dental group leaders access to the connections, education, and resources they need to grow. So, The DEO is excited to announce its joint venture with Share Moving Media to form DEO Media, LLC, publisher of Efficiency In Group Practice Magazine, a resource for dentist entrepreneurs and DSO leaders.

PORTLAND, Ore. (PRWEB) December 03, 2020

The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (The DEO) of Portland, Oregon and Share Moving Media of Lawrenceville, Georgia announce the formation of a new entity called DEO Media, LLC, a joint venture between the two organizations to publish Efficiency in Group Practice, a bi-monthly dental trade magazine focused on DSOs (dental service organizations) and group dentistry.

“We’re extremely excited to give emerging dental group leaders even more access to the people, education, and resources they need to grow,” said Jacob Puhl, CEO of The DEO. “This partnership further enables us to continue our mission to help dentist entrepreneurs and their executives fulfill their visions. We hope to have a continued positive impact on the dental community.”

Efficiency In Group Practice provides an informational and educational link between manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and dental group practices. Each issue of Efficiency covers emerging trends in dentistry, and provides content to enable group practices to capitalize on their distinct strengths and differences to reach new heights of efficiency and become more profitable.

“This new partnership positions Efficiency in Group Practice with the leadership and direction so dearly needed for a publication to thrive in these dynamic times,” said Share Moving Media CEO John Pritchard. “Now more than ever, dental group practices need insight, understanding and community to grow their practices. We are excited to partner with Jacob Puhl and the entire DEO team to help provide just that!”

Under the partnership, The DEO and Share Moving Media will collaborate on editorial, sales, marketing and distribution of the industry-leading publication. Jacob Puhl, partner and CEO of the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization, will be Efficiency’s publisher.

The first issue from DEO Media, LLC will be the January-February 2021 edition of Efficiency In Group Practice.


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Stanford Medicine magazine reports on COVID-19 | News Center

The new issue of Stanford Medicine magazine features a special report on the COVID-19 pandemic, including perspectives from national public health leaders and articles about the response at Stanford Medicine, where health care workers, researchers, students and administrative staff have mobilized to subdue the virus in the local community and beyond.  

Among the voices in the issue are Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Sara Cody, MD, who as the health officer for Santa Clara County, California, ordered the first U.S. lockdown in response to the virus.

Articles in the issue take readers back to the beginning of the pandemic, when Stanford Health Care was bracing for a potential surge of terribly ill, highly infectious patients for whom no established treatments were available. The Stanford Medicine community came together — in person and virtually — to research treatment protocols and seek solutions, and became one of the first U.S. academic medical centers to develop a COVID-19 test for active infections.  

It’s hard to feel optimistic during this crisis, but that’s the outlook of Yvonne Maldonado, MD, a doctor at the heart of Stanford Medicine’s response to COVID-19, who is profiled in this issue and featured in a podcast and video. An epidemiologist who began her career battling AIDS in the early years of the epidemic, Maldonado has been a key adviser on clinical operations and research efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, working 14-18 hour days since the U.S. outbreak. Though Maldonado, chief of infection prevention and control at Stanford Children’s Health, spends many of those hours guiding policy and research, she continues to treat patients and is leading many research projects of her own. 

Several months into the crisis, her attitude remained upbeat. “I was always hopeful, and I still have hope,” she said. “We can conquer this disease. We’ve conquered other diseases like this or worse.”

The issue also includes:

-A recounting of Stanford Medicine’s response to the virus, involving a prescient decision to stockpile personal protective equipment such as masks, a modeling group dedicated to charting the pandemic’s trajectory, an early drive-through testing option, the ad hoc creation of a company to design and print face masks, and a compilation of best-practices guidelines, shared online, for treating COVID-19 patients. 

-A sampler of the hundreds of projects being conducted by Stanford researchers to arrest the pandemic, from CRISPR-based therapeutic nasal spray to genetic studies zeroing in on who’s most at risk for the disease.

-A Q&A with Fauci, one of the nation’s most trusted sources of information about the pandemic, in which he talks with the medical school’s dean, Lloyd Minor, MD, about how we can beat COVID-19 and face down future pandemics. A video of the conversation is also available.

-A Q&A with Cody on the heartbreak of fighting COVID-19 in the Bay Area and what keeps her going (online only).

-A primer on viruses, focusing on SARS CoV-2 and ways scientists are trying to thwart it.  

-A hair-raising

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Men’s Fitness Magazine

A lot more than one hundred energetic group fitness classes are supplied every week and are developed for each and every fitness level. Such movements can impact the knee and hip joints and ultimately the spinal muscle tissues also according to the muscular chain technique of posterior kinetic chain muscle tissues (achilles tendon, calves, hams, gluteals, thoraco-lumbar fascia, lats, and complete erector spinae).

Other adjustments that will influence you group strategy folks: insurers will no longer have to cover annual wellness visits for you or your little ones, no longer cover the price of typical screening like mammograms or colonoscopy (which signifies a whole lot of folks won’t get them), they will go back to charging ladies much more for insurance than men, they will go back to not covering mental healthcare.

Body Practice: (25 min) standing breath work, down dog pedals, plank, chair pose, forward bend, low lunge hip stretch, warrior 1 flow, three legged dog & ankle rotation, up down, down dog hip opener, side plank, side angle pose, warrior pose to triangle, wide stance forward fold with chest opener, and concludes with childs pose.

The former drug dealer-turned-motivational speaker has had a number of nationwide tours, launched his own life-coach enterprise, and written far more than 20 books. Coach sportif nmnom masculin: s’utilise avec les articles “le”, “l'” (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), “un”.

• Equipements et infrastructures généralement un peu moins modernes que les salles de fitness standardisées. (The woman knows what she’s talking about when it comes to fitness.) She’s also super inspiring—Lee overcame an eight-year eating disorder after she found weightlifting.…

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