Your Ultimate Xmas Wish List

It’s said that giving is better than receiving, but the maxim has a flaw: it assumes that the giver and the receiver are never one and the same. We all know that generosity feels good, and there’s sound scientific basis for it: research shows that the act of giving activates the neural networks associated with pleasure – the same ones triggered by food or drugs – in a phenomenon known as the “helper’s high”.But that doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself. After all, receiving gifts feels pretty good, too, and no one is more familiar with your taste, habits and predilections than, well, you. Besides, you’ve had a tough few months and, as any good psychologist will attest, work is not its own reward. Self-care doesn’t come naturally to us all, however. So, if you can’t quite find it in you to love yourself, we’d advise cutting out the following pages and giving them to a relative with the relevant items clearly marked. You’ve been a very good boy this year, after all.


Fitbit Sense Smartwatch



This new smartwatch from Fitbit doesn’t just clock the movements you make but how your body responds to them. Along with the usual tick list (including 20-plus exercise modes), the Sense evaluates your electrodermal activity and heart rhythm to assess your stress levels. Its six-day battery life is handy, too.


Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Personalised Sound



Scientists believe that the shape of your ears is as unique as your fingerprints, and the way they process sound is personal, too. NuraLoop’s gym-friendly, sweat-resistant in-ear buds address this by fine-tuning their output to provide a truly personalised sound. They also offer 16 hours

of battery life and highly effective noise cancellation


Nike Metcon 6 Training Shoe



If you’re serious about raising your bar in 2021 – while reducing the stress on your back – you need kicks that are fit for the task. Nike’s peerless training shoe is designed for workouts of any intensity, from heavy barbell work to pacy plyometrics and even (short) runs. They’re breathable and light, and the closest thing you’ll get to stealing kit straight out of an athlete’s locker.


Pixel 4A Android Mobile Phone



The Pixel 4a packs the best of Google’s smartphones into one box of tricks. The 12.2-megapixel rear camera takes top-notch HDR+ photos and videos, with free unlimited storage on Google Photos. Its battery learns which apps you use the most, reducing the power used by the others.


BOOM 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears


From back-garden WODs to sprints in the park, outdoor training has been the default for many of us this year. But don’t let winter’s somewhat less clement weather throw you off your game. This wireless portable speaker has 15 hours of battery life and a fully weatherproof casing. The myBOOM Studio even allows you to customise the fabric pattern, so you can match it 

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The 9 Fitness Technology Gifts To Add to Your List, Stat

As far as I’m concerned, we’re all living in The Jetsons—except, rather than casually owning flying cars, we’re all flying on techy treads, strapping devices that measure our heart rates on our wrists, and taking yoga classes from a magic mirror on the wall. The future is now, folks. So if you have someone on your holiday list who lives the sweat life, we’ve rounded up the best fitness technology buys you can wrap in a bow and feel confident they’ll love.

From smartwatches to wireless earbuds to next-level recovery devices, we’ve rounded up the gifts that just keep on giving—many of which are on sale right now. You can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose, so let’s get shopping, shall we?

Photo: FitbitThe Fitbit Versa 3 arrives packed with cool features. Perhaps most notably, the device records your “active zone minutes” that buzz when you reach your desired heart rate during exercise. That means when the burpees hit just right, you’ll get a little buzz to say “good job.”

Shop now:  Fitbit Versa 3, $230

Photo: Peloton

There are few things I wouldn’t do to own this treadmill. After running on one years ago at the Peloton Tread+ studio in New York City, I instantly started a “Peloton” fund to save up for the day when I would purchase this baby and run it into the sunset. Alas, I’m still saving—but we’ll get there. One of the techy features that makes this treadmill all the rage is the fact that you can use easy-access knobs to adjust your speed and incline in seconds, but there’s so much more in store, fam.

Shop now: Peloton Tread, $2,495

Photo: Amazon

Ah, the Airpods Pro. I’ve written about them so many times because they are worth every word. With noise-cancellation that literally transplants you to a new world, nothing will disrupt your workouts ever again.

Shop now: Apple Airpods Pro, $250


Who needs five different kettlebells when you could just buy one adjustable one? This device can adapt from weighing 12 pounds to 42 in less than three seconds and uses artificial intelligence reporting to record your reps, sets, and workout as a whole.

Shop now: JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect 2.0, $199

Photo: Powerdot

When you gift someone a Powerdot, you’re gifting them a future of home massages. Just strap it onto any sore muscle group and you’ll feel its Smart Muscle Stimulator get to work on repairing those muscles so you can get out for your run, bike ride, or HIIT workout again soon.

Shop now:  Powerdot 2.0, $199

Photo: Oura

Ask any expert—a trainer, a makeup artist, a sleep doctor—and they’ll tell you that eight hours of sleep is essential for doing all the things you love. The Oura Ring pays attention while you sleep and delivers a morning report that gives you the 411 on your slumber.

Shop now: Oura Ring, $299

Photo: Sonos

At-home workouts turn studio-level when you add this Sonos speaker.

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Nanyang CC’s Anytime Fitness added to list of COVID venues

SINGAPORE —A gym at a community club – visited on six separate occasions – and a Kopitiam outlet at the Changi Airport were among the additions made by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Wednesday (28 October) to a list of places visited by community cases while infectious.

The Nanyang Community Club’s Anytime Fitness gym – located at 60 Jurong West Street 91 – was visited on 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, and 20 October from 12.35pm to 2.20pm, 10.25pm to 12.25am, 3.10pm to 4.25pm, 9.25pm to 10.20pm, 3.30pm to 5.05pm and 4pm to 5.25pm, respectively.

The gym is opened 24 hours to its members, according to its website.

Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Kopitiam outlet was visited on 22 October from 7.05am to 7.55am.

Other places added to the list are Our Tampines Hub’s Rumah Makan Minang restaurant, visited on 17 October from 5.50pm to 6.35pm, and Ice Cream Chefs at 12 Jalan Kuras, visited on the same day from 8.50pm to 9.45pm.

Those who had been identified as close contacts of confirmed cases would already have been notified, said the MOH.

As a precautionary measure, visitors who had been at these locations during the specified timings should monitor their health closely for 14 days from their date of visit, it added.

They should see a doctor if they develop symptoms of acute respiratory infection – such as cough, sore throat and runny nose – as well as fever and loss of taste or smell, and inform the doctor of their exposure history.

Individuals may access the SafeEntry Location Matching Self-Check service via the TraceTogether App, SingPass Mobile, or at to check whether they were at these locations during the specified timings, based on their own SafeEntry records.

“There is no need to avoid places where confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been. The National Environment Agency will engage the management of affected premises to provide guidance on cleaning and disinfection,” the ministry added.

The list of visited public venues excludes residence, workplaces, healthcare facilities, and public transport and will be updated on a rolling 14-days basis, or one incubation period, and as epidemiological investigations progress.

On the same day, the MOH confirmed seven new COVID-19 cases in Singapore, taking the country’s total to 57,987.

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Quarantine List, Dorchester To Close Schools

MARYLAND — This week Maryland saw an increase in coronavirus cases as testing ramped up. Results from more than 30,000 tests were reported by state health officials Sunday, capping off a week in which one school system closed its buildings, citing increasing coronavirus positivity rates, and three states added Maryland to their quarantine lists because of the number of new cases.

Nearly 800 cases of coronavirus were added to Maryland’s tally Sunday morning, marking the fourth consecutive day of at least 700 cases reported in the state.

The state’s coronavirus positivity rate is 3.17 percent on a seven-day rolling average, according to the Maryland Department of Health, which is comparable to last week’s 3.14 percent positivity rate. It remains under 5 percent, which is the recommended benchmark positivity rate for reopening established by the World Health Organization.

Cases Reported This Week

  • Sunday, Oct. 25 — 792 cases

  • Saturday, Oct. 24 — 796 cases

  • Friday, Oct. 23 — 712 cases

  • Thursday, Oct. 22 — 743 cases

  • Wednesday, Oct. 21 — 492 cases

  • Tuesday, Oct. 20 — 590 cases

  • Monday, Oct. 19 — 497 cases

More than 140,200 people in Maryland have tested positive for the virus, state health officials reported Sunday.

Prince George’s County has the most cases in Maryland, with 32,225 overall as of Sunday, according to the Maryland Department of Health. Next is Montgomery County with 25,147 total cases of the virus, followed by Baltimore County with 20,208 and Baltimore City with 17,440.

Montgomery County added over 100 new cases daily 10 times in two weeks, according to state health officials.

On the Eastern Shore, Dorchester County Public Schools closed its school buildings after an increase in coronavirus positivity in the district. The positivity rate was 6.1 percent in Dorchester County, according to the school system’s superintendent, who reported Wednesday, Oct. 21, the district had reassessed its plans.

“Over the last six days the Dorchester County community has seen an increase in its COVID-19 positivity rate,” Superintendent Dave Bromwell said in a statement Oct. 21. “The positivity rate has increased exponentially to make Dorchester County the 3rd highest in the state of Maryland over this short period of time.”

As a result of the metrics, Dorchester County was returning to phase one of its reopening effective Tuesday, Oct. 27.

A recent spike in coronavirus infections prompted three states to put Maryland on its list of state with quarantine orders.

When travelers from Maryland head to Connecticut, New Jersey or New York, they will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

As long as Maryland averages more than 604 coronavirus cases a day in a seven-day period, it will remain on the list of troubled states. Those on the list have a positive case rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents in the last seven days.

Here is data on coronavirus in Maryland for Sunday, Oct. 25, from the state health department:

Courtesy of Maryland Department of Health.
Courtesy of Maryland Department of Health.


Jacob Baugmart contributed to this report.

This article originally appeared

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VA School Coronavirus Dashboard Launched, 2 NoVA Schools On List

VIRGINIA — With more students heading back to school for in-person learning in parts of Virginia, the state Department of Health has added a new feature to its coronavirus website that lists current and past outbreaks of the virus in schools.

The VDH dashboard feature, called “Outbreaks in School Settings,” shows a list of outbreaks at Virginia schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. No current outbreaks in schools in Northern Virginia were reported by the VDH on Saturday.

In Alexandria, though, Episcopal High School has an outbreak that is “pending closure.” Outbreaks are labeled as “pending closure” if 28 days have passed without a documented new case and the outbreak has not yet been closed in the Virginia Outbreak Surveillance System.

In Loudoun County, Dominion High School had an outbreak that is now listed as “closed.” Outbreaks are labeled as “closed” when two incubation periods of 28 days have passed without onset of new illness and the health district has closed the outbreak in its outbreak surveillance system.

The dashboard will help schools measure the extent to which the coronavirus is spreading in their localities and guide possible responses, according to the VDH.

“Fully re-opening our schools remains a priority as we work to slow the spread of COVID-19. Students have different learning styles, and for some, face-to-face interactions in a classroom are important to achievement,” Virginia State Health Commissioner Norman Oliver said Friday in a statement.

By providing additional information on where outbreaks are occurring, the VDH hopes to offer a broader picture of the impact of the coronavirus and help communities decide where to place resources to prevent and control outbreaks, Oliver said.

“Given the changing nature of the pandemic, we felt providing these data at this time poses no risk to public health investigations or to compromising patient anonymity,” he said.

Only cases associated with outbreaks are displayed and not the total number of cases among students or staff that are unrelated to the outbreak. The dashboard lists public and private schools. Only the outbreaks where transmission occurred at the school or school-sponsored events are included.

Latest COVID-19 Numbers in Virginia

The VDH reported 1,088 new cases of the coronavirus Saturday, bringing the cumulative total to 172,372. The new cases include 374 in the southwest region, 219 in the central region, 196 in the northern region, 153 in the northwest region and 146 in the eastern region.

There have been 3,578 coronavirus deaths to date, which include 39 reported in the last day. Because deaths may be reported on a different day than the one on a death certificate, VDH also tracks death certificate dates. To date, the highest seven-day average of deaths by death certificate date was 40 on May 5. Data may be incomplete for the most recent weeks, but the seven-day average has been less than half of the May 5 peak since June.

Cases of the coronavirus have been increasing steadily over the last four weeks in Lee, Scott and Wise

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