9Round Fitness and Sunny Days Entertainment Partner to Debut New Line of Boxing Equipment in Walmart Stores Nationwide

Fitness equipment sales grow amid coronavirus pandemic

GREENVILLE, S.C., Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – The world’s largest kickboxing fitness franchise, 9Round Fitness is partnering with one of South Carolina’s fastest growing companies, Sunny Days Entertainment, to bring at home workouts to the next level with a new line of boxing equipment. Currently available at Walmart.com and over 600 Walmart locations nationwide, buyers can now kick, jab and cross in confidence with 9Round branded gloves, mitts, wraps and a reflex bag.

The rollout of 9Round Equipment comes at a time when fitness equipment purchases have skyrocketed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a Yelp report, consumer interest in fitness and exercise equipment is up by 437 percent since March 10th.

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with 9Round, bringing a quality product to consumers at a time when we know they are looking for it most,” says Rick Mershon, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Sunny Days Entertainment. “9Round Fitness has built an outstanding reputation nationwide not only as a fitness company but also as a brand, and that is very apparent through the initial consumer response to the products.”

Each item includes a pass for one free workout at a local 9Round studio of choice.

For more information visit www.9round.com.

About Sunny Days Entertainment

Established in 2012, Sunny Days Entertainment, LLC comprises a core group of toy industry veterans with the mission of solving issues for retailers while providing ultra-fun, value added products to consumers.

Sunny Days Ent. focus is to enhance the experience for consumers with affordable products. The Sunny Days line includes: Maxx Action Vehicles, Maxx Bubbles, Pop-n-Play Tents, Ravel Tales and more!

About 9Round

Founded in 2008 by professional kickboxer Shannon Hudson and his wife, Heather, 9Round is a specialized fitness center that brings kickboxing fitness training to the average person in a 30-minute, trainer-guided, full-body circuit format. The program is developed around a proprietary and copyrighted system of nine challenging workout stations created by Shannon himself. Since the workouts occur on a continuous circuit throughout the day, there are no scheduled class times. Members utilize 9ROUND PULSE, the brand’s wearable heart rate technology, to track effort, heart rate, calories burned and workout time during each 9Round session. Today, there are nearly 750 9Round locations open and operating throughout 41 states and in 19 countries including Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, Argentina, Guatemala, India, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Ecuador, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. For more information, please visit www.9round.com.

SOURCE Sunny Days Entertainment, LLC

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America’s Last Line of Defense for a Safe Vaccine

When the Food and Drug Administration ran into White House resistance to its proposed vaccine safety standards in early October, the agency took a bold step: It published the guidance on its Web site. The public could now see what vaccine manufacturers and the FDA’s own independent advisory panel would require to ensure a longer, scientifically rigorous process.

The two public health agencies responsible for overseeing the approval, distribution and use of a coronavirus vaccine—the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—have been undermined and politicized. The FDA’s proposed guidelines for emergency use of a coronavirus vaccine did finally clear the White House, but the well-publicized resistance has further undermined public trust in Operation Warp Speed just as the United States inches toward a viable vaccine. At a time when trust should be growing, the opposite is happening.

What should give Americans hope, however, is that both the FDA and the CDC have a last line of defense when it comes to approval and distribution of a vaccine: panels of outside experts who now merit the nation’s attention and unequivocal support. If, in the days ahead, either of these independent bodies are sidelined, ignored or in any way circumvented, a red line will have been crossed, and the safety and/or efficacy of a coronavirus vaccine can reasonably be questioned.

For the CDC, it’s the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, or ACIP, which next meets October 28–30. We each served terms on this committee at different times, and neither of us ever felt any political pressure during our tenures. The FDA equivalent is the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, or VRBPAC, which next meets October 22. Most Americans have never heard of either.

These panels of health experts, with expertise in vaccinology, immunology, pediatrics, internal medicine, infectious diseases and preventive medicine, among other disciplines, have been studying and assessing the myriad coronavirus vaccines under consideration. Each has been scouring data from phase I and phase II trials, and now are awaiting phase III data about some of the most promising vaccines in development.

The advisory panels operate with intentional transparency. The public has access, often in real time via livestream, to their discussions and discoveries, and public records document their work. The 15 voting members on each advisory committee all undergo conflict-of-interest reviews, with annual filings to safeguard compliance. Vaccine interests and financial attachments are disclosed, and members must recuse themselves from related votes. Whether for a coronavirus vaccine or other vaccines, these panels make recommendations as to whether a vaccine is safe, efficacious and ready to be licensed (FDA), as well as how and to which populations a vaccine should be distributed (CDC). Though the members on each committee surely understand the politics of the moment, they will never bend to it.

Today, despite regular political pressure being applied on FDA and CDC to meet arbitrary deadlines for a vaccine release, the time-tested vaccine vetting and approval system has held up since it was established nearly

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