Are Migraines And Teeth Connected? Your Dentist May Be Your Best Friend

Do you suffer from frequent migraines? If you have been searching for what it seems like forever on how to treat migraines there is one more option you should consider.

There is growing evidence that migraines and teeth could be related as a source of migraine headaches. Some people are finding that the dental correlation to this devastating painful condition is often not considered.

You may be thinking I would never consider going to the dentist to treat a migraine but there is a good possibility that your dentist may have the answer to your migraine headaches.

As you read this article you will discover the top two causes of dental migraine headaches.

We will also discuss the type of treatment you would receive for each condition.

Finally you will have to go to a dentist to determine if your migraines are connected to your dental problems. We will also discuss some of the payment options that are available to pay for your dental visits.

This condition could be a major cause of migraines.

If there was ever such a thing as a dental migraine temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ may be the cause of it. Since TMJ is a condition of the jaw some of the main reasons that cause it are grinding of the teeth and an improper bite.

To understand how TMJ can cause migraines your jaw is actually connected to the temporal bone of the skull. Any condition in your jaw that causes pain can migrate up the temporal bone to your head and this can cause a headache which can eventually lead to a migraine.

A fairly recent development in the dental field to treat TMJ is a device called a NTI. It has been found to be effective in relieving tension headaches which can transition into a migraine. If fits on your front teeth and stops the teeth from clenching and grinding. You wear it while you are sleeping and it can do wonders.

This may be a simple solution to stopping migraine headaches.

This next condition is similar to TMJ. The difference is that it is not necessarily a problem with the jaw but can also cause migraines by grinding of the teeth. This usually happens when we are sleeping and we aren’t even aware we are doing this.

There is only one way you can tell if you are grinding your teeth and that is to go to the dentist. This can usually be easily fixed by your dentist prescribing a specially fitted mouth guard that you will wear while you are sleeping.

Your next step is going to the dentist.

What if stopping your migraines is as simple as getting treatment for the two conditions we have discussed in this article?

You are going to have to go to the dentist to explore this possibility. Of course when you say dentist you know it may be a lot of money out of your pocket.

Actually when you consider other dental …

A Dentist and a Friend

Most dentists will tell you they did not get into dentistry for the money. Although you may find some procedures to be very costly, it usually doesn’t translate into big profits. Your teeth are easy to ignore when cash is tight. Instead of going for monthly cleanings, you probably will only go to the dentist if you’re in pain. As a result, bad economic times hit dentist quickly and can destroy a dentist’s practice.

Like most of us, I’ve been through my fair share of dentists. Back around 2003, a good friend of mine recommended a dentist, Dr. William Tessler, a.k.a Billy. I first met Billy in the midst of a tooth gone very bad. I was certain that the tooth needed to be extracted. Billy was uncomfortable removing the tooth, so we did a root canal which ended up saving the tooth.

Dr. Tessler was somewhere in his 60s when I met him and working a full time schedule. As I looked around his office I noticed pictures of him from his youth. Billy had passed a good portion of his life in North Miami Beach, a town my father had also enjoyed. It didn’t take long for me to change Billy’s place in my mind from dentist to friend, and later to mentor. Our mutual interest in dentistry and shared common values made for a great experience every visit.

Around a year or so after becoming Billy’s patient, I ran into a problem with a tooth at 3am. I was in such extreme pain that I had no choice but to call him at home. I was hoping that Billy would call in something for pain and was surprised when he said “meet me at the office”. When I arrived at the office I was even more surprised when Billy showed up with his wife to assist him. Billy worked on that tooth until 6am, at which point he went home for 2 hours sleep so he could make it back for his 9am appointment.

While my first experience with a bad tooth led to a root canal, this was not the norm. Root canals were done only after every other attempt was exhausted to repair the tooth. Billy demonstrated to me that his goal was not to run up a big bill, quite the contrary. Billy understood that a two-thousand dollar root canal and crown changes most people’s economic status for at least a month or two. He also knew that the end result could be putting off necessary visits including cleanings. Bottom line, he was a genuine doctor who always did what was in the best interest of the patient.

I can remember many times that a patient would show up with no money. I never saw Billy turn away a patient in pain. I learned a lot from Dr. Tessler. He taught me a lot about dentistry and life in general. Here are some of the things that I would recommend to anyone who’s shopping …