How Excessive Exercise Might Negatively Affect Your Health

A great deal of people engage in cardiovascular and several other activities primarily in order to lose weight. Then again, carrying out excessive workouts of any kind could cause the body to begin reacting in a negative way. This brings to memory the proverb that says – too much of anything is bad. And workout is no exception here.

Training is a great thing and it would appear that training even more ought to provide a lot more benefits. In the truest sense, it really does give a little extra gains, until it is taken just a little bit too far. At this juncture, your body may start responding otherwise.

This is correct besides the fact that training is acknowledged to be more of a "healthy stress." However, your adrenal glands are unable to make a distinction between them.

Stress and Cortisol

Excessive physical exercise induces a hormone called cortisol. This hormone tells your body to hang onto its fat stores. The body secretes cortisol anytime it is under any sort of tension.

The stress might be from the school, place of work, unhealthy eating, too little sleep, family issues, and a number of other things. They can easily stress your body and cause it to release cortisol. The regrettable thing is that the body also looks at physical fitness as a stressor.

Consequence of Excessive Physical Exercise

If you push the body way too hard for a long time it may result in higher cortisol levels, adrenal fatigue, and even elevated food cravings.

Stress, regardless of its source, has a way of influencing neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters, including dopamine, GABA, and serotonin, are our feel-good, anti-anxiety brain chemicals. Stress and excessive extreme training reduces the quantities of these types of neurotransmitters. This usually brings about debilitating weariness, sleep disorders and also depressive disorders.

Continually high amounts of cortisol may have detrimental impact on fat loss. It could also raise your associated risk of a range of health issues.

Female Athlete Triad

For the women, excessive physical exercise can equally result in the "female athlete triad". This is a condition of, the likely stoppage of her menstruation, eating problems, and brittle bones or bone mineral loss. A mixture of workout and calorie restriction typically leads to these kinds of symptoms.

Decreased Immune Effectiveness

Moderate physical fitness helps to enhance your body's immune system whereas too much physical exercise tends to suppress it. Excessive workout raises the body's exposure to infections. Likewise, there is the elevated seriousness of minor infections and also the decreased production of immunoglobulins.

Decrease of Testosterone

Also, it is a reality that cortisol and testosterone clash with each other. Testosterone is important for the development and preservation of skeletal muscle, bone, and red blood cells. They equally assist in weight reduction as they are very metabolically active.

Workout depth (which is over 50% of maximal oxygen intake) of extended period sets off the sympathetic nervous system and results in cortisol overproduction. On the flip side, this stops the …

Neurological Fitness and Exercise

Neurological fitness has to do with your nervous system and how it learns and adapts. It is a critical component in your quest to be in your best physical fitness condition as possible which can include losing weight, developing lean muscle mass, and other healthy qualities.

We want to become neurologically sophisticated.

What does it mean to become neurologically sophisticated? It means we become tactically fit. Now, what does it mean to become tactically fit? It means that we have our fitness skills to adapt and improvise just like the special operation forces. Our bodies will not be neurologically sophisticated or tactically fit if we just do the same movements such as regular push-ups every time. Push-ups are a great exercise- but we can elevate our fitness more by adding new movements to this basic foundational exercise. This is what neurological fitness is all about.

In order to build our neurological fitness, we can build on basic movement to compound movements to complex movements.

From basic to compound to complex will empower our neurological fitness and our physical fitness. Our bodies can adapt quickly. We need to improvise our exercises to become challenging so that our neurological (nervous) system will become “smarter” (for lack of a better word).

Just like school, we need to have prerequisite course before we get into calculus. We need to have basic knowledge in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Then, we need to build compound knowledge in algebra, trigonometry, etc. Then, we apply those knowledge to do complex calculus problems in order to develop our math skills. Physical fitness and neurological fitness is similar to that.

For the push-ups, we can learn the basic exercise movement (with strict form such as keeping the back straight). Then, we can learn compound movements such as the corkscrew push-ups where we keep our right arm straight but bend the left elbow (resting briefly on the left elbow). Then, go back to the starting push-up position. Then, do the same on the right side. We need to keep our form by pushing from the elbows. Then, the guard push-up is a complex movement. It is similar to the corkscrew push-up but you bring your hands to your head like you are doing a bicep curl while doing this exercise movement.

Neurological fitness will elevate your fitness level especially when you continually learn new movements and exercises. This in turn will empower and enable you to be at your physical best.

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Home Fitness DVDs Are Valuable Exercise Tools

Since the days Jane Fonda and her group of leotard-sporting, leg-warmer-wearing exercisers on VHS-that's Video Home System for those of you under the age 25-exercisers have loved the convenience of working out at home. VHS has now long gone the way of the dinosaur, but home fitness fanaticism is still alive and well. Home fitness DVDs are a viable option for those who don't have a gym membership. Thanks to a plethora of home DVDs, tightening up your troublesome spots has never been easier.


The average insomniac can most likely rattle off the names of the popular home fitness DVD programs seen cluttering the airwaves in late-night infomercials. These programs make claims of 60 to 90-day body transformations if you follow them diligently. But for those not so easily sucked into the vortex of late-night infomercials you have the option of purchasing from the local department store or through online DVD companies. The bonus of purchasing online is the customer reviews telling you whether or not a DVD is worth your money.

Time and Effort

The massive buzz surrounding home fitness program-craze has produced its share of bandwagon jumpers. But before you ditch your gym membership you should know that home fitness DVDs require the same effort and consistency as going to the gym; you can't get results if you don't do the workouts. As with any exercise plan you have to be committed to pushing the "Play" button on your DVD player with consistency. Of course no workout program can outdo a bad diet no matter how diligent you are, so make sure you consider your eating habits too.

Pros of Fitness DVDs

Since fitness DVDs come pre-programmed with the exercises there is no guesswork involved. This is beneficial to individuals who don't have experience with creating workout plans. These workout plans are mostly led by energetic fitness experts who guide and encourage you to workout with intensity and "feel the burn". Exercisers can feel confident that these programs were designed to give them great results if they put the consistency and effort.

The stale idea that getting into shape requires a gym membership is a gross misconception for some people. Exercise may be beneficial no matter where you do it. Your body does care whether you are at home or in a gym surrounded by a bunch of people. Working out at home can be just as effective as working out at the gym- and without the collective smell of other people sweat around you.

If you like variety there are home workouts available for people from all walks of life. For seniors, expectant moms, children, fitness buffs – whatever your fitness goals are, there are home workouts out there to suit your tastes.

Cons of Fitness DVDs

One caveat that comes with this method of working out is the boredom factor. Popping the same old DVD in everyday may offer you convenience now but overtime may cause your body to plateau . If you are no …

Diet Exercise

More than 100 energetic group fitness classes are supplied each week and are created for each and every fitness level. And now we’ve got a president who eats crap, doesn’t physical exercise – and his many golf trips do not count unless he’s walking the course and carrying his own clubs, which he’s not – and tells men and women lies about how physical exercise isn’t very good for the physique.

-A 2008 study of sedentary adults (Peutz, Flowers, ‘Connor, published in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics) discovered participants involved in a 6-week system of low-moderate workout 3 days per week had improved sense of vigor and energy, and reduce levels of fatigue.

5. Keep away from Overtraining – Overtraining, to place it basically, is exercising more quickly or more than your body can recover from in a offered time. French researchers found that a flavanoid known as phloridzin that is identified only in apples might shield post-menopausal ladies from osteoporosis and may possibly also boost bone density.

The cardiovascular rewards of apples are properly-documented in research studies, and they are closely connected with two aspects of apple nutrients, their water-soluble fiber, pectin content, and their unusual mix of polyphenols. Why it functions: This move is far more difficult than a classic plank since you’re supporting your whole physique weight on two points of get in touch with alternatively of four.

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