Don’t Let Covid-19 Delay Your Own Cancer Screening

Brenda Hudson waited a few months to get a mammogram because she was concerned about being exposed to the coronavirus.


Mary Inhea Kang for The Wall Street Journal

Cancer doesn’t take a pause, and screenings can save lives (“Drop in Cancer Screenings Fuels Worry,” U.S. News, Oct. 16). Health-care providers are taking Covid-19 seriously and have implemented numerous safeguards to safely provide critical screenings and cancer treatments. Eight months into this pandemic, your health-care providers have learned a lot about how to protect their patients and themselves during screening appointments. For more information on how to reschedule your medical screenings and appointments, the easiest thing you can do is to call and talk with your doctor’s office. It is so important to get those screenings back on the books.

Carolyn Aldigé

CEO, Prevent Cancer Foundation

Alexandria, Va.

People don’t have to sit back and wait until they feel safe going to see a doctor to get screened for colon cancer. They can use Cologuard at-home colon cancer screening kits. The earlier colon cancer is caught, the better the outcome can be for the patient. It’s important to screen on time and stay up to date.

Kevin Conroy

CEO, Exact Sciences

Madison, Wis.

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Bilingualism Benefits The Brain, Helps Delay Onset Of Alzheimer’s Disease


  • Bilingualism prompts the brain to work harder
  • It helps in keeping the brain healthy
  • Learning a new language is possible even in adulthood

The Alzheimer’s Association revealed that more than five million Americans are currently living with the disease and the number is projected to reach 14 million by 2050. The numbers may be grim, but recent research showed that there is one way to delay its onset, and that is through bilingualism. Learning a new language at any age can greatly help keep the brain healthier.

Dr. Ellen Bialystok, a Canadian psychologist and professor who has the rank of Distinguished Research Professor at York University, Toronto, has made one of the most compelling researches on the relationship between bilingualism and the brain. Bialystok, in a research published in Neurology, titled, “Delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, Bilingualism as a form of cognitive reserve,” revealed that bilinguals often receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s about four to five years later than monolinguals. 

“The more you use another language, the better you get at it. Well, that’s not surprising, but along with that, the more you use two languages, the more your brain subtly rewires,” Bialystok told CNN 

Bialystok noted that in terms of the benefits that the brain gets when it comes to bilingualism, levels of education do not matter at all. She highlighted that one of the most profound results of bilingualism was observed among illiterates or those who did not have any formal education. Speaking two languages was the only real way that their brains receive stimulation, such that the exercise provides protection to their brains as they grow older.

Bilingualism good for the brain Bilingualism benefits the brain. Photo: jamesoladujoye/Pixabay

Bialystok stated that the number of years that one speaks two languages would mean a longer period that the brain keeps on reorganizing. The earlier that people start becoming bilingual, the better.

Tamar Gollan, professor at the University of California, San Diego, said that people could not just turn off a language. Bilinguals are faced with everyday choices that monolinguals do not face. To this effect, the brain works harder to speak two languages.

Learning a new language even as an adult can greatly benefit brain health. Just like exercise, wherein the more that one exercise, the greater that one expands his capacity for oxygen. By exercising the brain more through bilingualism, the brain maintains its flexibility. Add in physical activities, eating healthy and sufficient amounts of sleep, and one may be able to keep the brain healthier.

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After Pandemic Delay, Planet Fitness Opens At Moorestown Mall

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Planet Fitness is now open at the Moorestown Mall, mall officials announced. The gym, which was set to open at the mall in the spring, opened on Thursday, according to the mall.

The opening was delayed while the mall was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The mall closed in March to help stop the spread of the virus, and reopened in June. Read more here: Moorestown Mall To Reopen June 29

Planet Fitness’s 23,000 square foot facility joins Orangetheory Fitness among the health and wellness outlets offered at the mall. Planet Fitness offers a range of activities, including the use of free weights, cardio workouts personalized exercise programs and small group trainings.

“Gym-goers today are focused on the fitness journey — they’re not just going to the gym, but buying attire that suits their athletic style and seeking healthier eating alternatives,” PREIT CEO Joseph F. Coradino said previously. “We want to provide local consumers with more reasons to choose the mall as their go-to destination for activities that suit their lifestyle. With the addition of Planet Fitness, we’re continuing to add health and wellness tenants supporting the all-encompassing experience offered by our properties as consumer interests expand well beyond soft goods.”

Planet Fitness already has three Burlington County locations, in Cinnaminson, Delran and Mount Laurel, as well as one on Route 70 in Cherry Hill. Memberships start at $10 a month, with an annual fee of $39.

The announcement follows the re-opening of Maplewood Moorestown at the mall last week. The restaurant had been open for about a year before it was forced to close due to the pandemic. Read more here: Maplewood Moorestown Holds Grand Reopening Amid Pandemic

This article originally appeared on the Moorestown Patch

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