Pizza delivery driver crashes during seizure; thanks ‘angels’ who pulled her from water

A South Carolina pizza delivery driver is thanking two men who saved her after she had a seizure and crashed into a pond.

Morgan Young, 21, is still in the hospital, several days after a crash she can barely remember.

“I remember pulling out of work, but I don’t remember anything else,” Young said.

Around 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Young left her job at Frank’s House of Pizza to make a delivery. She drove down North Woods Drive before having a seizure. She woke up after she crashed down a ravine in about 4 feet of water.

Corey Eubanks and his brother-in-law, John Paul Abernathy, were in the right place at the right time. They just so happened to be heading to Frank’s House of Pizza and were the only ones to see the crash and stop to help.

“We were trying to yell out for somebody,” Eubanks said. “We didn’t hear anything for a few, for a little bit, and then finally we got deeper down in there and we heard the girl screaming ‘help.’”

“He was like rubbing my back and everything and like comforting me and I could have cried,” Young said.

Eubanks said there was no hesitation to help.

“Everybody’s life is important and I’m not gonna let, you know, the fears of COVID, anything, hold me back from helping someone,” Eubanks said.

Young later found the men with the help of social media and has been texting them from her hospital bed.

She’s bruised and has a gash on her forehead from hitting the windshield. Her car is totaled, and she won’t be able to drive for at least six months while doctors work to control her seizures.

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But in the midst of her pain, Young has found a renewed sense of faith.

“I don’t want to say that I didn’t believe in God or anything because I did, I mean I do. But like, I like legit have proof now,” Young said.

Young is expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday and she plans to return to work.

Eubanks has invited her to go to church with his family when she’s ready.

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