FC Barcelona – La Liga: Umtiti will build up fitness with Barcelona B

FC Barcelona – La Liga Frenchman hasn’t played since June

Barcelona player Samuel Umtiti.
Barcelona player Samuel Umtiti.

Ahead of Barcelona’s Champions League match with Ferencvaros, Ronald Koeman reflected on the case of Samuel Umtiti and it has been determined that the French defender will build up his fitness with Barcelona B.

Having not played since June, the former Lyon defender is looking to rebuild his career at the Camp Nou, which has been totally derailed by knee injuries.

Umtiti will play for Barcelona B tomorrow, he is close to returning,” Koeman explained in his press conference on Tuesday.

Dest, Busquets and Umtiti

The Dutch coach doesn’t wish to take risks with a player who has suffered so badly with fitness complaints over the past two years.

The Frenchman wants to return to the senior team, but he must prove his fitness by playing for the subsidiary team, something that is actually quite common in other leagues.

Koeman would welcome Umtiti getting through this match without any trouble as his defensive injury problems are beginning to mount.

Gerard Pique is a long-term absentee, whilst Ronald Araujo is also injured at this juncture, but this hasn’t had an impact on Koeman’s decision with Umtiti.

Barcelona consider the defender to be on the market, mainly because of his high salary, but his contract doesn’t expire until 2023 and this makes the situation problematic. Furthermore, he hasn’t shown any inclination to depart the Camp Nou either.

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‘Fitness Helped Me Build My Confidence After I Left My Arranged Marriage’

Kingston mum Saima Hussein, 40, found her confidence – and her calling – in the gym.

a woman standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: After leaving her tumultuous marriage, Kingston mum Saima Hussein, 40, found her confidence – and her calling – in fitness.

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After leaving her tumultuous marriage, Kingston mum Saima Hussein, 40, found her confidence – and her calling – in fitness.

I fell in love with sport in junior school – netball, softball, rounders… I even did Irish dancing. I was good at sport, and my classmates always picked me first for any team. I really loved that – it made me feel special. I grew up in quite a strict home and wasn’t really allowed to go out and play with my friends. When I was at school, playing sport, that was the only time I could really socialise and have fun.

I had an arranged marriage when I was 19, in December 1999. I had spent 5 minutes with him before we got married. We had two children by 2003. But my husband and I just weren’t compatible, and our relationship fell apart. I have nothing against arranged marriages, but we just weren’t the right fit. There was no real love there. By 2006, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I took my kids and left.

I got a job as a sales assistant in a shoe shop. Being South Asian, as a single mum, I was very much frowned upon for leaving my husband. It was an incredibly tough time, and I battled with severe depression and anxiety.

I wanted something just for me – something that made me feel accomplished, like I was achieving something. So I joined my local gym. Exercise and fitness became my safe place – where I could be my own person.

I was still very self-conscious, so I started off on the cardio machines. They all faced the windows, so I didn’t have to look at anyone – or see anyone looking at me – while I exercised.

But the trainers were all lovely, and there was one in particular who took me under his wing. He coaxed me away from the treadmill, gave me free 10-minute boxing sessions, and gave me a basic resistance circuit I could follow. For about 3 months I would just repeat the same circuit every single day!

Initially, I had the usual motivations; I wanted to lose a bit of weight and tone up, and after the first few months, my body did start to change (I dropped about 3 dress sizes) – but my outlook changed even more. I found that I was chasing goals, rather than a certain body type.

I loved to run, so I decided a half marathon was the next goal – I’d never set myself such a big one. The training was so tough on so many levels – trying to fit in training while still being there for my kids wasn’t easy. But I did it – and that feeling was something I’d never felt before. Smashing that goal made me feel unstoppable.

After my marriage ended,

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Canadian Red Cross kickstarts recruitment campaign to build teams for its ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Recruitment campaign launches to build additional capacity, initial focus on Ottawa

OTTAWA, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Canadian Red Cross has launched a nationwide recruitment campaign seeking Canadians who want to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. The Red Cross anticipates the need for assistance to increase across sectors as the pandemic persists and communities across the country are experiencing second waves of the virus. The Red Cross continues to work in support of the federal and provincial governments, and is coordinating with local authorities, public health officials, and others as needed to address emerging needs.

The Canadian Red Cross is hiring for a variety of roles as it continues to build care teams to work in many areas across the country. The immediate focus is to build teams to support in long-term care (LTC) homes in Ontario where personnel will work alongside existing staff in the homes to provide assistance to seniors. Red Cross personnel is currently providing essential personal care services and assisting with daily living activities of seniors residing in LTC.

In building effective and strong care teams, Red Cross will:

  • Seek to recruit and train people to join already existing Red Cross personnel in supporting the care of seniors in LTC;

  • Train newly recruited and existing personnel on preventing disease transmission, including the proper use of personal protective equipment; and,

  • Provide emergency equipment supplies, including mobile health clinics, to help augment public health efforts.

“With many communities across the country experiencing a second wave of the pandemic, the Red Cross is well positioned to provide assistance in long-term care homes and beyond. The Red Cross has been supporting efforts across the country since the initial onset of COVID-19. Our recent work of providing comfort and care to seniors in long-term care facilities in Quebec, along with training to prevent disease transmission, will be foundational to this role in Ontario. The Red Cross is ready to further-build its capacity across the country and provide this vital assistance as needs emerge. We encourage Canadians who wish to make a difference to apply.”
Conrad Sauvé, president and CEO, Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross has played a significant role in Canada’s response to the global pandemic and has been there from the beginning when it provided support to returning travellers under quarantine in Trenton and Cornwall. The Canadian Red Cross is well-positioned to provide assistance in LTC with expertise led by its Global Health Unit, a team of medical experts who have experience responding to emergencies around the world. In addition, the Red Cross continues to support LTC homes in Quebec where teams have been organizing and delivering personal protective equipment and prevention of disease transmission training, offering technical advice on epidemic prevention and control, as well as providing components of its field hospital to use.

More information on available job opportunities can be found on redcross.ca.

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