At rehab hospital, this four-legged friend offers his own brand of medicine

a woman sitting next to a dog: Toby and REHAB Hospital of the Pacific's Kasey Alexander work with patient Lakeisha Sato. The canine is part of the hospital's rehabilitation team, assisting in physical and occupational therapy sessions.

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Toby and REHAB Hospital of the Pacific’s Kasey Alexander work with patient Lakeisha Sato. The canine is part of the hospital’s rehabilitation team, assisting in physical and occupational therapy sessions.

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – At REHAB Hospital of the Pacific, a 2-year-old yellow labrador offers his own brand of medicine.

Toby is the four-legged member of REHAB’s staff.

“He’s here Monday through Friday, 7:30 to 4. He works a full day and sees many many patients,” said Kasey Alexander, REHAB’s animal-assisted clinical therapist.

“He goes to every floor and even visits the outpatients.”

Patient Lakeisha Sato is getting stronger thanks to Toby. Their toss and retrieve exercises are helping her regain the use of her left hand.

“When I knew I could do it and I had support from staff and a dog, oh, that was even better!” she said.

Alexander is Toby’s handler. They’ve worked together since August, helping with physical, occupational and even speech therapy.

“We have some patients that have strokes and brain injury. They may struggle even saying his name,” she said.

Toby was trained by Assistance Dogs of Hawaii to obey 90 commands. His disposition is a bonus.

“He just brings comfort and healing and just a lot of joy, especially in the midst of a pandemic when there’s limited visitors,” Alexander said.

Sato has two weeks to go before she goes home to Maui. Toby has taught her a valuable lesson.

“Don’t give up. It gets easier,” she said.

Alexander survived cancer and was a REHAB patient before joining the team.

“I wanted to give back, and I wanted to bring some healing, some hope to people,” she said.

She knows how tough the road to recovery is and how Toby lightens patients’ loads.

“He may start chasing his tail. He may role on his back to get belly rubs. He knows exactly what they need at that moment,” she said.

Alexander is also a licensed mental health counselor. She teaches people how to counter stress through grounding and breathing exercises, and practicing gratitude.

Toby has his own methods that work wonders.

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Meet The US-Based Fitness Brand Using Data To Design The Perfect Workouts

US-based fitness brand P.volve has designed its workout programmes so they can be done anywhere. And behind all of the training is a simple idea: workouts should translate to real-life movements. Why should we go to the gym and move our bodies in a way we never do in our daily life? Despite a hugely varied repertoire of classes and streaming workouts, don’t expect to see any burpees or old-fashioned crunches. The goal is to work with your body not against it. It’s all about toning, lengthening and developing long and lean muscles. And many of the workouts are designed for busy schedules, with no shortage of high-intensity classes lasting 10, 20 or 30 minutes. But what really makes P.volve different is its well-targeted equipment range, much of which tucks neatly into a suitcase or weekend bag.

Tell me about the new LA studio and what you were looking to achieve? What about the Chicago studio?

Rachel Katzman, CEO and co-founder of P.Volve: Because we’ve built this global streaming community since day one, we have been able to connect with our members around the world and understand exactly what they want. Immediately after opening our New York studio, we knew Chicago would be the next market for us, given our streamer base there. Because of the pandemic, opening in Chicago last month in the West Loop neighborhood was all about providing a support system and wellness community for Chicago citizens, with safety, of course, at the forefront. Hosting both limited-capacity indoor classes, as well as classes on the sidewalk outside our studio really has been amazing.

In today’s world, we know that people want a hybrid approach to fitness—workout in-studio with their close friends and accountability partners, stream from home for a quick 15-minute burn when their schedule is tight, and have the option to train privately. And that’s what we strive to do at P.volve.

How has the virus changed the way P.volve runs its business and classes? Do you think these will be permanent changes? We had to follow all of the guidelines and shut down our NYC studio and production studio in March—but we knew that we couldn’t stop producing fresh content, especially given how many people were now stuck at home and facing challenges on finding ways to move.

We sent all of our trainers tripods and lighting equipment, so they could easily produce videos from their homes. We produced content for our 0n-demand platform but then also released free content on our Instagram channel daily, so that anyone had access to ways to workout from home—even if they weren’t already a member with us. We also quickly launched a seven-day reset program, which included nutritional tips.

We’ve always been a data-obsessed company, but now more than ever, we are really listening and watching what specific content people want. We spend countless hours a week watching our members and our trial participants,

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Meet Said Sergeyevich Shavershian, aka Chestbrah, who is taking the fitness industry by storm – brand post

The more we talk about how different individuals from all the parts of the world are trying their best to make a mark in their respective fields, the more we feel it is spoken less about. Similarly, the fitness world too in the past decade has given birth to some of the most high-performing and passionate bodybuilders and fitness experts who have gone ahead and created their own unique niche. One such growing name is Said Sergeyevich Shavershian, aka Chestbrah, as he is well-known across the online world. This young and passionate fitness lover and bodybuilder started with his late and legendary brother and pioneer of the aesthetic movements Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian for creating a historical revolution in the fitness industry.

Chestbrah is a 34-year-old bodybuilder and a well-known name in the fitness world, who dived deep into bodybuilding from the age of 18. He and his family migrated from Russia and moved to Australia when he was only 6 years old. After finishing studies in high school, he earned his degree in operations in business management and used the degree to prepare himself in the fitness world and market himself and his brand to become big in the same.

Today, he is a fitness entrepreneur as well who owns two online businesses; one is ‘Aesthetic Supplements’, which sells best quality aesthetic supplements, running for the past one year successfully and the other is ‘Shavershian Fitness’, which is an online clothing brand, gaining great success from the past five years. Both of these businesses of Chestbrah are world-renowned and established. His late brother Aziz and him together started the aesthetic movements that is today in the fitness industry.

For the last 10 years, Chestbrah has been working consistently to build his legacy and create a massive movement in the fitness scene to inspire the young generation to chase their dreams, goals and fitness passion and craze. He is also excited to be sailing the WBFF pro card and win the same in the coming months as he is preparing for a big major competition, where last time he was placed at number 4. This time, he is even more excited to move ahead in the competition.

Said was also a Head judge for JEFF SEID CLASSIC international fitness show and we expecting him to see once again in 2021 along with jeff SEID and B. O. D Hamdan Pathan in India.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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Hylete Aims to Create the Next Big Fitness Brand

a close up of a keyboard: A bright green button on a keyboard that says Equity Crowdfunding. companies to invest in

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A bright green button on a keyboard that says Equity Crowdfunding. companies to invest in

Hylete is a fitness lifestyle brand, with a wide assortment of apparel items for men and women. The company is also raising capital through an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. The minimum investment for Hylete is only $500.

a close up of a plastic tray: A bright green button on a keyboard that says Equity Crowdfunding. companies to invest in

© Provided by InvestorPlace
A bright green button on a keyboard that says Equity Crowdfunding. companies to invest in

The co-founders of the company include Ron Wilson and Matthew Paulson, who both had high-level positions at companies like Jaco Clothing and Gathering Storm before starting the company. In 2012, they saw an opportunity to develop a better training short for those who were serious about fitness.

The reception was strong and the co-founders quickly moved into other categories like shirts, pants, hoodies, backpacks and cross-training shoes.

Background on the Company

One of the keys to the success of Hylete is its focus on personalization. This is certainly important for fitness requirements. To this end, the company has created a quiz on its website to determine the best fit for its clothing line. For example, there are 14 distinct styles for shorts.

Hylete has also spent much time cultivating an engaged community (there are over 81,000 followers on Instagram and the company’s products have gotten over 51,000 five-star reviews). Because of this, the company has received valuable feedback to improve its products.

Here are just a few of the company’s offerings:

  • Incline shorts: This uses a stretch woven fabric that has enough room for the hips and thighs, which means higher impact movement.
  • Urban joggers: This item strives for a both warmth and breathability. Some of the features include a drawstring waistband and an internal fleece fabric.
  • Altium sports bra: This has an X-strap for better support and comfort but does not grind into a woman’s shoulders.
  • Circuit II cross-training shoe: These allows you to choose between three types of insoles.
  • Nimbus tights: This is a legging that is meant to complement a person’s hips and legs.

What about the traction for the company? Well, the company has definitely shown strong growth. According to the investor materials, the compound annual growth rate is over 70% and last year’s sales hit $12.6 million. There are more than 300,000 customers and over 30,000 are certified fitness experts, who have provided content on the Hylete blog and social channels.


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Bottom Line On Hylete

The equity crowdfunding capital raise has gone quite well. So far, the company has received commitments for more than $734,000 from 974 investors (the valuation has been set at $44.8 million). Yes, it seems that the company’s own community has been essential for this success.

The investment also comes with several perks. That is, there is 50% off all regular-priced products and 10% discounts on clearance locker items. Then there is also free ground shipping for U.S. orders and one Hylete rewards point for each dollar invested.

But of course, as is the

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