Bonney Lake Coronavirus Week In Review

BONNEY LAKE, WA — Over the past seven days Washington confirmed 4,451 new coronavirus infections, pushing the state past its 100,000th coronavirus case.

As of the latest release Friday afternoon from the Washington State Department of Health, officials have confirmed 101,345 COVID-19 cases. The state also saw 57 casualties over the past week, for a total of 2,296 Washingtonians dead due to the pandemic.

100,000 coronavirus cases is an ominous milestone to pass, and it’s joined by other foreboding news: health officials and state leaders say they now believe Washington is entering into a third surge of new cases.

More locally, Pierce County has been one of the hardest hit regions over recent weeks, reporting 1,106 cases over the past 14 days. That equates to an average of 79 cases per day, and a rate of 122.6 coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents over the past two weeks. By state metrics, any county with a rate higher than 76 is a “high risk” county.

In Bonney Lake, a total of 244 people have been infected since the pandemic began in spring, and 3 people have died.

Catch up on the latest developments:

U.S. approaches record daily cases again

The situation across the county mirrors the one in Washington, as the United States approached its largest-ever single-day toll of new coronavirus infections Friday.

As the Associated Press reports, the nation’s seven-day rolling average for daily COVID-19 cases hit 61,140 Thursday, up from 44,647 just two weeks ago. That’s nearing the record high rolling average of 67,293 daily cases on July 22, driver by summer outbreaks in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona.

While Washington’s case counts have increased lately, the current nationwide surge in cases has largely been attributed to growth in South Dakota, Florida, Idaho and Texas.

The surge also has health care experts concerned as some hospitals reach capacity.

“We’ve essentially shut down an entire floor of our hospital. We’ve had to double rooms. We’ve bought more hospital beds,” Dr. Robert Scoggins, a pulmonologist at the Kootenai Health hospital in Coeur d’Alene told the Associated Press.

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