My Team Fitness Launches “Everyday Fitness for Every Body”

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — My Team Fitness is proud to announce the launch of, a website and program that is focused on providing everyday fitness for every body.

My Team Fitness is a collaborative effort created by three Saint Louis-based and fitness-inspired business men who had a vision about changing the lives of average people and brought it to life. Ken Cox, Brian Montgomery Jr. and Dustin Oder noticed the fitness world was lacking a consistent program that could be achieved by all fitness levels. With a little determination and creativity, the three designed a personalized and accessible program called My Team Fitness. This unique program includes daily, fun, and low-impact 10-minute videos sent directly to the customer’s inbox, as well as a detailed nutrition guide to help users throughout their fitness journey. Led by experienced fitness trainers, the program provides fitness for every level. My Team Fitness invites people of every shape, size, experience, and location to join the My Team Fitness Community.

“The overall goal of My Team Fitness, in this weird isolated world that we are living in, was to bring the community feeling to a workout, even though you are in your own environment,” Oder said.

In the midst of local gyms closing due to COVID restrictions, the team felt that they had a responsibility to motivate people of all fitness levels to continue improving their physical health.

“Exercise has literally changed my life for the better,” Cox said, “I realized the impact that fitness has on other lives as well. Helping someone else on that journey is so critical.

This collective of fitness-lovers realized that they could combine their individual impact and create a supportive, team-centered environment for those who don’t already have one. Each of their own physical results came because they were surrounded by a supportive team, much like a family.

“There are a lot of people that want to exercise but they don’t have the confidence or motivation to do it. They just need the support. We want to be that community for them,” Montgomery said.

The My Team Fitness website is set to launch on Dec. 1, 2020. As a grand opening gift, the team is offering 50% off of the My Team Fitness program for the first 50 users who join. Users should apply the coupon code “Founder” at checkout.

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Cold temperatures, vitamin A can help the body burn more fat, study shows

People looking to lose weight may start embracing the winter months after a new study found cold temperatures and increased vitamin A encourage fat burning.

The study, which was published in the journal Molecular Metabolism last week, explored the effects cold temperatures and vitamin A had on converting white fat, which is where excess calories are stored, to brown fat, which “stimulates fat burning and heat generation.”

More than 90% of the human body’s fat deposits are white fat, which is stored in the abdomen, bottom and upper thighs, the study shares.

Cold temperatures applied to mice was found to increase vitamin A production, which resulted in higher fat burning. 

Cold temperatures applied to mice was found to increase vitamin A production, which resulted in higher fat burning. 


According to the findings, cold temperatures increased vitamin A levels, which helps convert white to brown fat, thus stimulating fat burning. Vitamin A reserves are mostly stored in the liver. Once cold was applied to the mice in the study, the increases in “the levels of vitamin A and its blood transporter, retinol-binding protein” led to a higher rate of fat burning as the white fat converted to brown as the body attempting to keep itself warm.

Alternatively, when “the vitamin A transporter ‘retinol-binding protein’” was blocked in mice, the fat did not “brown” and the mice were unable to protect themselves from the cold.


The study is promising in finding solutions to dealing with weight gain and obesity. Though the study’s lead researcher, Florian Kiefer from the Medical University of Vienna, cautioned against taking large quantities of vitamin A supplements in an effort to lose weight.


“Our results show that vitamin A plays an important role in the function of adipose tissue and affects global energy metabolism. However, this is not an argument for consuming large amounts of vitamin A supplements if not prescribed, because it is critical that vitamin A is transported to the right cells at the right time,” explains the MedUni Vienna researcher. “We have discovered a new mechanism by which vitamin A regulates lipid combustion and heat generation in cold conditions. This could help us to develop new therapeutic interventions that exploit this specific mechanism.”

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What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t See a Dentist for a Long Time

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Going to the dentist tops the list of “things you’ll do eventually.” It’s right up there with changing your oil, vacuuming under the bed, and cleaning the expired spinach out of the back of your fridge. These are all things you need to do, but it’s so much easier to put them off.

So what happens if you don’t go to the dentist for a long period of time? Typically, dentists recommend getting a cleaning and an overall evaluation about twice a year, Lynn Gargano, DDS, a board-certified pediatric dentist and director of the dental school, Family Health Centers at NYU Langone, tells HelloGiggles, to remove plaque and tartar, check for cavities, etc.

If going twice a year isn’t possible, affordable, or something you want to do—especially during the pandemic—there are ways to stay healthier between visits. (Though you should still try to go regularly.) “Individuals can maintain their oral health by limiting sugar intake, drinking fluoridated or regular water (especially after eating), brushing twice daily, and flossing once daily,” Gargano says.

The health of your mouth is largely up to you, but let’s look at what might happen if you put off going to the dentist for long periods of time.

Skipping the dentist for one year

Okay, so let’s say it’s coming up on a year since you last went to the dentist. What might be going on with your mouth?

As Gargano says, you could be developing new cavities, small cavities could be progressing in size, and/or you could be in the beginning stages of periodontal disease (aka gum disease), which leads to gingivitis. This will. most likely occur if you’re eating candy on a regular basis or don’t brush your teeth often. “Both cavities and gingivitis can cause bad breath,” she says, so take it as a sign if brushing or chewing gum no longer does the trick.

Skipping the dentist for two years

Now, let’s say it’s been two years. At this point, your dental cavities might be getting to the point of needing more than just a filling. “Patients can begin to have tooth sensitivity and pain, possibly needing a root canal and crown to save the tooth,” Gargano says. This is because the tooth is exposed to acid, bacteria, and sugars on a regular basis, and over time, it can make the decay of the tooth even worse without regular cleaning.

That’s not only painful but a lot more expensive to fix than a simple filling. “As far as periodontal disease,” she says, “it will progress and bone loss can start (turning into periodontitis),” which can damage the soft tissue around and eventually, destroy the bone.

Skipping the dentist for five years

You might not think you’d wait five years between dentist visits, but it really is so easy to let half a decade slip by, without so much as a cleaning. And that’s really not a great idea.

“In five years, what was a small cavity can progress

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