‘Obsessed’ patient Tom Baddeley who stalked dentist Ian Hutchinson with crossbow jailed for two years

A disgruntled patient who stalked his dentist with a crossbow, bleach, and plastic sheeting has been jailed for two years after breaking a restraining order against him.

Tom Baddeley, 42, was previously sentenced to prison in August for secretly following orthodontist Ian Hutchinson with a boot full of weapons capable of causing “serious harm” and logging his movements over a four-year period.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Baddeley developed an “obsession” with his dentist Dr Hutchinson while he was a patient of his between 2012- 2016 in Bristol.

They also heard that he made “bizarre” complaints about Dr Hutchinson during this period before their contact broke off.

Baddeley was first caught by police in November 2019 after a member of the public reported him acting suspiciously in his parked car – one of over 30 vehicles he bought to limit the chance he’d be recognised by Dr Hutchinson – near the orthodontist’s home in Monmouthshire.

Police found him wearing a balaclava and discovered a kit in his boot including a crossbow, a knife, a snood, gloves, a ski mask, bleach, plastic sheets, and cleansing wipes.

In his Bristol home the police found detailed surveillance logs of Dr Hutchinson’s movements spanning four years. They also found a “sinister” document counting down to something Baddeley referred to as “The Event”, of which the details to were never specified.

Baddeley was sentenced to 16 months in prison in August and handed an indefinite restraining order after he pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon, possession of a bladed article, and stalking.

But on Thursday, the court heard he had in fact been released from custody the very same day he was sentenced because of the time he had spent on remand, unbeknownst to his victim.

Prosecutor Nigel Fryer said Baddeley was spotted approaching The Smile Lounge, one of Dr Hutchinson’s dental clinics in Chepstow, just two months later on October 7.

Baddeley was caught by officers riding a bicycle after being recognised by them despite wearing a baseball cap, a facemask and dark sunglasses.

Mr Fryer said: “It is not an understatement to say that this had a profound effect on Ian Hutchinson.”

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A victim impact statement read out in court heard Dr Hutchinson, 52, say he had been forced to change his lifestyle and routines in fear of being cornered by his stalker, and feared what Baddeley would have done to him.

He said: “I’d thought about what if he’d been able to get into the practice, what he would have done to the staff or any patients. This makes me feel upset.

“I have been a dentist for 30 years. This is not something I thought I would have to consider.”

He said the incident had also led to his long-term partner leaving him, with some of the reasons including not feeling safe within his home and potential reprisals from Baddeley.

“This has affected my mental health considerably. I have become very irritable and short-tempered.

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