Simon Cowell looks back to his best as he poses with dentist after getting ‘more natural’ veneers on his teeth

SIMON Cowell looked back to his best as he posed with his dentist after getting “more natural” veneers on his teeth.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 61, posed alongside Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr Apa to debut his new set of pearlies.

Simon Cowell showing off his new teeth


Simon Cowell showing off his new teethCredit: Instagram

Simon – who recently recovered from breaking his back – brought in a picture of his original teeth for reference, according to reports.

The photo shows the judge beaming a new smile while laying down in the doctor’s chair. He also held an American Idol sign.

Doctor Apa was also in frame, rocking a brown cardigan, glasses, white chinos and slicked back hair.

The dentist wrote on Instagram: “it official. i’m going to hollywood!! actually DUBAI THIS WEEKEND. and it truly is amazing working with amazing people. thank you @simoncowell for putting your trust in us [sic.].”

The star reportedly wanted a more natural look


The star reportedly wanted a more natural lookCredit: Splash News
Posing with the dentist


Posing with the dentistCredit: Instagram

Simon was reportedly seeking out a more natural smile.

“Turns out, Simon was actually in need of a new set – we’re told he was doing away with older, temporary veneers he’d been rockin’ – but had one request… less Simpson-y and more streamlined,” TMZ reports.

Simon suffered an agonising back injury after falling off his ­electric bike in August.

The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent mogul had surgery to insert a steel rod to support three broken vertebrae.

The star is recovering from his back injury


The star is recovering from his back injuryCredit: Instagram
Simon's teeth in 2015


Simon’s teeth in 2015Credit: ITV

His pal Sinitta recently told The Sun that he has broken his vegan diet in order to repair his strength.

Sinitta is in regular contact with Simon, who is holed up at his Malibu mansion with partner Lauren Silverman and their six-year-old boy.

The singer said: “I spoke to him last week and he sounded so much better.

“He wasn’t dazed, sedated or weak. He was really bright, happy and clear. He’s gained a bit of weight and is looking healthier. He said he had to start eating protein, calcium and break his vegan diet to rebuild his strength.

Simon is on his way to recovery


Simon is on his way to recoveryCredit: The Mega Agency

“That’s the wisest thing. He was bloated and stressed, then he was too thin and exhausted. Now he is fit and relaxed. He’s found his sweet spot.

“He sounds relieved and exhilarated. The sea air is so healing and rejuvenating.”

Simon Cowell seen for the first time since horrifying bike accident as he blows out out the candles on his birthday cake

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