Prediabetic Supplement for Blood Sugar Control

If a person has been told by their doctor that they are prediabetic they need to take measures to change their diet right away. In addition to lifestyle changes, a person can take a prediabetic supplement to help get their blood sugar levels under control.




A person should look for a supplement that is made with cinnamon powder or cinnamon extract. A person should take this supplement before breakfast and they will see around an 8 percent decrease in their blood sugar levels. Cinnamon can help lower the response the cells in the body have to insulin. A person should take around 500 mg twice a day to see the best results.


American Ginseng


Ginseng can lower blood sugar levels by as much as 20 percent. Ginseng will be able to increase the natural release of insulin and help the body deal with blood sugar. A person should take one gram of ginseng around 2 hours before mealtime.




This supplement is good for digestive health and can also reduce the risk a person has for developing diabetes. This supplement can decrease blood sugar levels and allow the body to process carbohydrates. Probiotics can reduce inflammation in the body and help keep the cells in the pancreas healthy. This organ is responsible for making insulin. This will allow the body to control blood sugar levels.


Aloe vera


Supplements that contain aloe vera can be made with the juice from this plant or it can be made from the leaves. Aloe may increase the production of insulin in the pancreas. It is recommended that a person take 1,000 mg of supplements that are made with the aloe to see the best results.




Supplements made with berberine use a combination of roots and stems to help a person reduce their blood sugar levels. This supplement will allow the muscles to absorb more sugar and use it for energy. This will reduce the sugar levels in the blood. A person should take 300 to 500 mg of this supplement two or three times a day. It should be taken with meals.


Vitamin D

People that lack sufficient levels of vitamin D may be at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A person should take vitamin D to lower their blood sugar levels. This vitamin has been shown to help the pancreas produce more insulin and lower blood sugar levels.




This is a herb that has been used in ancient medicine. In Indian culture, it is known as the sugar destroyer. People that have used this extra for some time have seen a 29 percent decrease in this blood sugar level. This herb can also reduce the cravings for foods that are high in sugar. It can reduce the taste buds that are craving the sweetness in the mouth.

This supplement will allow the cells to use more of the sugar in the body and lower the levels in the blood. It should be taken twice a day with meals. It is recommended to take 200 mg each time. People that have type 1 diabetes may also see the benefits of using this supplement. People with type 1 diabetes should use this and other supplements under the care of a doctor.


These prediabetic supplements along with lifestyle and diet changes can help lower blood sugar levels in the body. This will help a person reduce their chance of developing full diabetes and help stabilize their blood sugar levels.