New fitness boutique studio ‘Yes Honey’ opens off Tower Grove Ave.

A brand new boutique fitness studio offering dance fitness and strength training classes offers in person and on-demand classes.

If this feels like a really cool music video that you want to be a part of, that is exactly what Jenny Hill is going for with her newest passion project – Yes Honey.

“It’s really just a space to come and move and get out,” said Hill.

Professional in Chicago and LA, Hill wanted to bring an inclusive dance fitness studio to St. Louis. She signed a lease for 25 thousand square foot space on Tower Grove. 

And then the pandemic hit. She’s choosing to see the bright side in that business wise. 

Yes Honey is all about access and acceptance, restoring the mental, physical and social balance that’s been hard for a lot of us to maintain during a pandemic. 

“Everybody should be moving their body in some way, shape or form. And so we wanted to create a space where, like everybody felt welcome and everyone felt that like like the goal is just to get together and move in some move and be positive and not necessarily to have any other goals in your workout,” said Hill.

Yes Honey Studio is now open in the Woodward Lofts building at 1519 Tower Grove Avenue in the city.
They’re doing masked in-person classes, as well as online on-demand and outdoor classes.
For a full schedule, head to
You can also find teacher profiles and more on Yes Honey’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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