‘Movement is medicine’: Bhagyashree demonstrates exercises for hip mobility | Health

Bhagyashree’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of herself demonstrating several fitness routines. The actor, who is a fitness enthusiast and a certified nutritionist, keeps sharing fitness-related information and nutrition tips on her Instagram profile almost on a daily basis. Bhagyashree swears by yoga and high intensity workouts and ensures to share the snippets of her social media profiles in order to motivate her fans to start taking their health seriously.

Bhagyashree often wears the hat of a nutritionist and shares nutrition hacks – from what fruits to consume to vegetables and dietary tips to follow in order to stay fit and healthy. A day back, Bhagyashree shared her midweek fitness tip in the form of a short video focused on improving hip mobility. When we sit in one position for a long time, it creates knots in our bodies which creates stiffness and decreases the range of motion of the body. Through improvement in hip mobility, we can address the same and improve the flexibility of the body.

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Bhagyashree demonstrated three fitness routines – hip thrusts, hip stretches and side sits – which can help in improving hip mobility. “Age related stiffness or mobility issue due to pain can cause a problem to do you daily activities. These simple, easy to do exercises can increase flexibility, and blood circulation. Begin with about 10 reps of each exercise every day. In case you are suffering with knee issues.. use a flat pillow or towel under your knees,” read an excerpt of her caption. She also added these hashtags to her post – #move, #exercise, #workoutmotivation, #workout, #flexibility, #mobility, #hip, #health, #healthylifestyle, #hipmobility, #easytips and #workoutathome.

Bhagyashree further added that movement is medicine and can do amazing things to the body. Stiffness, besides being due to age, can also be because of a sedentary lifestyle. The actor advised her fans to ditch the sedentary lifestyle and embrace movement.

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