Montgomery County Hospital District hires head of EMS oversight

A 20-year EMS professional has been announced as the Montgomery County Hospital District’s lead on field staff oversight.

As of late August, Mark Price became the MCHD clinical department’s new division chief. Price is currently completing his new hire orientation, according to the hospital district.

Price has “worked with various divisions to develop high-performance clinical practices in prehospital medicine,” read an MCHD statement.

A former Cy-Fair Fire Department EMS captain and clinical quality coordinator, Price had been in a leadership position there since 2014, according to MCHD.

“The treatment a patient receives while on an ambulance can greatly influence their outcome, for better or for worse,” Price said in a statement.

Price started in EMS in 1999 working for a 911 service in rural Robertson County, northwest of College Station. He first grew interested in EMS after his father died due to substandard prehospital care, according to MCHD.

“My mindset is always to be ahead of the game, thinking critically and using the best possible methods available to paramedics today. Innovation in an EMS service is vital — to ensure we are taking the best possible care of the residents of Montgomery County,” Price continued in his statement.

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