Momaya now board-certified in Sports Medicine – School of Medicine – Orthopaedic Surgery

AmitMomaya 200x150Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Assistant Professsor and Chief of Sports Medicine Amit Momaya, M.D., successfully passed the 2020 American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Subspecialty Examination.

According to the ABOS, the subspecialty certificate in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine is for board-certified orthopaedic surgeons who have demonstrated qualifications in sports medicine beyond those expected of other orthopaedic surgeons by virtue of additional training, a practice characterized by a volume of cases in sports medicine, or have made significant contributions to this field.

The examination for the subspecialty certificate in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine is developed and administered by the ABOS, whose mission is to ensure safe, ethical and effective practice of orthopaedic surgery. Momaya is proud of this milestone achievement as a provider and faculty member.

“To also be board-certified in sports medicine not only supports me in continuing to provide excellent patient care, but it also encourages me to continue to grow,” said Momaya. “Ultimately, that is my passion as a provider– to never stop learning new and effective ways to treat my patients so they may return to their active lifestyles.”

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