Mom-Of-Four Dies At 31 After Cancer Treatment Canceled During Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in diagnoses and treatments being put on hold or delayed, resulting in the deterioration or even death of several patients. One such patient was a woman battling brain cancer who died after her chemotherapy was paused during the coronavirus lockdown in the United Kingdom.

The woman, identified as 31-year-old Emma Jenkinson, was suffering from grade 4 brain cancer, a condition she had previously beaten in her early 20s.

Her treatment was put on hold after the pandemic hit the country in March this year. Her condition deteriorated and she died earlier this month, leaving her four children and husband behind.

“She has grade four brain cancer and unfortunately her chemotherapy was paused in March due to covid19, before this, the cancer was reacting well to treatment,” her husband Andrew wrote on a GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for the woman’s family.

“At the beginning of May, Emma started feeling really unwell. She started losing her balance, falling over. At its worst she was falling 15-20 times a day. She actually fell over in the garden quite heavily and banged her head on a post so I had to rush her to A&E. It was later in the month she had a scan and found that the cancer had increased and was placed on chemotherapy straight away,” he added.

Her condition deteriorated in September.

“Unfortunately in September she started getting pressure in her head and feeling unwell again and after another scan she was told that the chemotherapy has stopped working,” he wrote.

They were then informed by the doctor that her surgery cannot be conducted as it will cause lot damage and affect her quality of life.

She died the following month. 

Calling her a “fantastic mother,” Andrew wrote, “All Emma wants like any mother is for her children to be healthy & happy in the future. All she wants is for the children to have happy memories of her and us all together.”

cancer chemo In this photo, patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer at the Antoine-Lacassagne Cancer Center in Nice on July 26, 2012. Photo: Reuters/Eric Gaillard

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