Is Playing Golf At The Core Of Your Retirement Plans?

Retirement no longer means what it used to. For many people, it is longer and more active than for previous generations. What that looks like varies by the individual; for many golfers, though, the sport is at the core of retirement plans. This path carries with it a number of benefits, and that is not just limited to golfing.

How golf is incorporated into retirement plans can vary by the individual or couple; some of that depends on whether both people in a couple are avid golfers. For some people, making golf central to their retirement plans means a move to one of the golf retirement communities in Florida- places where golf is a key feature. That move may mean full-time living within the community, or it may mean splitting the year between locations to enjoy a couple of different passions. For instance, some people choose to divvy up the year between one of the golf retirement communities of Florida and another location such as in Colorado or Vermont that allows for them to enjoy skiing.

For those looking to be near the golfing action full-time, living within a golf community is a great choice. Being able to go out and golf whenever one wishes is certainly an advantage for dedicated golfers. Florida’s climate lends itself easily to golfing throughout the year.

Of course, the benefits with golf retirement communities Florida are not just limited to being able to easily enjoy golf. The state’s fairly mild climate also lends itself to a variety of other outdoor activities throughout the year, which makes it especially appealing for couples in which one spouse may have other, non-golfing interests.

Another benefit of choosing a home within a community in the state is the scenery. Typically the golf retirement community homes are situated in locations that have beautiful views and are quiet spots. Unlike in some other states, though, these communities in Florida are also located near plenty of other amenities- allowing for quiet relaxation but not desolation.

There are quite a number of amenities to enjoy, too. Within the golf retirement communities themselves, there are typically plenty of activities and amenities beyond the sport itself; this may mean hundreds of activities available throughout the year. Plus, local calendars of activities off-site tend to be packed as well. Shopping, dining, beaches, and theme parks located within an easy drive are plentiful. Universities with plenty of educational and enrichment opportunities, museums, and heritage sites are also abundant.

Another benefit of Florida, in particular, is that it is convenient for those who like to travel. There are numerous major airports throughout the state, which allow for easy transit to other parts of the country or internationally.

Also convenient for those who enjoy travel is the fact that Florida sees significant cruise ship traffic. The state is the point of departure for many cruises, and this makes it easy for those who reside in the state to catch a few days’ cruises for a quick get-away.

All of these benefits add up to make it clear that a golf-centric retirement community in Florida can be a great choice for those who wish to make playing golf a core component of retirement plans. These benefits also highlight that there is plenty to do even if one spouse is not a dedicated golfer, and there are plenty of things to encourage the kids, grandkids, and other family members to come for a visit.

Golf can be central to retirement plans. The fun and benefits associated with it can be many.