Here’s Why This Fitness Trainer Doesn’t Prefer Running

Workout Tips: Here's Why This Fitness Trainer Doesn't Prefer Running

You must do workouts that you enjoy


  • You must only do workouts that you actually enjoy
  • Do not follow workout trends if they don’t suit your strength and stamina
  • Beginners can do low intensity training as well

You don’t need to workout just because a certain kind of workout is known to have beneficial effects on the body. Enjoying what you’re doing is important even when it comes to exercising. Because, if you don’t enjoy it, there are chances that you may not be able to continue with it for too long. Whatever form of workout you choose, make sure it suits your strength, stamina and should challenge you, but not too much. Following her choice in workouts is Sweat trainer trainer Kayla Itsines.

Why you must enjoy your workouts

Itsines recently took to Instagram to share why doesn’t she do running. “People ask me all the time “why don’t you run?” and the honest answer is… because I just don’t like it? Haha,” she writes in the caption of her post.

This is something that stands true for everything in life. Speaking of running, it is a cardio exercise which requires agility, mobility and controlled body weight. Many of you may not like running because of these reasons. Once you work on them, then running for long periods may seem easier to you, and you may like it too.

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And while Itsines checks most of these boxes in fitness, she still chooses to not include running in her fitness regime as she is simply not fond of it. Running is know to be calming and stress-relieving in nature. But, it doesn’t make her body feel good and doesn’t help her mind relax at all.

Having said this, she adds, “The fact that I dislike running doesn’t make it a bad or ineffective way to exercise, it’s just my personal preference.”


It is important that you enjoy the workouts that you do, in order to be consistent
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It is important to find out what works for you

Why Itsines shares about her preference towards running is to tell people about the importance of finding something that works for them when it comes to training. “When you actually enjoy your training routine, you are so much more likely to stay consistent and stick with it long-term. It’s as simple as that,” she says.

If you are beginner, you can begin with low intensity exercises and do workouts like low intensity steady state workouts. These kinds of workouts include doing aerobic activity if moderate to low intensity. On days when you feel low on energy or are just not motivated enough to complete a high intensity fast pace workout, LISS workouts can be the perfect pick. You can also do yoga if you like it.

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As long as you do the exercises with the right technique and are progressively consistent, you will see results. Now that is some #MidweekMotivation for y’all!

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