Health Basics and the Bigger Picture

There are some basic fundamentals of health. One is to get the proper nutrients in the body. Another is to get the toxins that have accumulated out of the body. Nutrients feed the body, while toxins hinder and block the body from working properly.

Where do toxins come from? They come from foreign and chemical substances in the air, water, and soil. They come from chemicals in cleaning products. Toxins are all around us in the types of products that are used in modern day society. Even with the best of intentions, simply living life exposes people to toxins. An example of toxins is this. This writer was told a story by a person who visited a chicken factory where eggs were laid and who noticed that there were no flies. The person asked why? The answer was that bug spray was put in the chicken feed. The question is, do you want that in your breakfast eggs? Another example: look on the back of most tubes of toothpaste. There is a warning. So these are just a couple of examples of toxins in the food or in many of the products we use.

Not only are there toxins, there are also genetically modified foods, also called GMOs (genetically modified organisms). What does "genetically modified" mean? It means the genes have been modified to make the food more saleable … redder tomatoes with a longer shelf life, food that resists insects while growing, food that is more transportable to market. GMOs are a serious problem. They have been banned in Europe. However there is a new move by the purveyors of GMOs in conjunction with legislations to hide the truth about GMOs by preventing the labeling from indicating the truth.

To really get serious about health, it is necessary to become informed about topics such as organic produce and GMOs. It is necessary to learn where toxins come from and begin to eliminate them from the diet and life style. It is necessary to learn how to build the body up from the effects of poor diet and toxins.

Actually, the answer goes beyond the personal level. While it is important to deal with the issue at the personal level, and to improve your own health and that of your family, it is necessary to get more involved at the political level. It is necessary to be on top of what is happening in the political realm, to be able to give your voice to your Senators, Representatives, and other officials in other nations. Basically, the lobbyists and money powers will rule over the voice of the people unless people make their voices known.

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