Four tele-medicine apps that facilitate e-consultation

The coronavirus pandemic has widened the use of virtual visits through tele-health. The pandemic has made each specialty doctor rethink how they conduct appointments. Many aspects of chronic disease prevention and management can be handled via video from a patient’s home or from rural hospitals connecting with larger healthcare systems because of telehealth.

Listed below are some of the leading start-ups that have digitised care and offer service online:

Navia Life Care

Navia Life Care claims to serve over 8,000 doctors and 100 hospitals. It aims to make coordination between the doctor and the patient management system to provide an enhanced patient experience. Navia has a Voice AI feature, Telemedicine, and networking apps.


It is an app which provides access to the network of doctors and clinics, it has more than 1,20,000 verified doctors. The app can also use Google maps and show you the way to the doctors near you.


MFine connects users to specialist doctors from trusted hospitals. One can also book a health check or a lab test from home.


Lyflink gives users access to online medical professionals and also has regular blogs maintained by health experts for tips on health and well-being.

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