Four Reasons the Launch Box is the Best Portable Vaporizer for Casual Vapers

The Magic Flight Launch Box has been a huge player in the vaporizer game since before vaporizing was even a common trend. Even with all the crazy technological developments we commonly see in vapes these days, this simple little guy still holds its own as the best portable vaporizer for a casual user. If you’ve never heard of this beautiful vape made entirely in the USA, here’s five reason why you should check out their online store at

1. It has a beautiful and natural look and feel to it. It looks like something your grandpa may have used back in the 60’s honestly. Looks are just looks, but the wood used in the making of the Launch box has a huge effect on the enjoyment of vaporizing from it. It just feels wholesome honestly. But don’t worry, there’s some much better reasons to consider buying this beauty coming up.

2. It is beyond simple to use. It comes with batteries which are rechargeable, and are not contained in the Launch Box itself. Whenever you feel like using it, you simply push the battery into a slot on the side of the Launch Box and it creates instant heat by conduction. This means you don’t even need to let it heat up, you just push down for five seconds on the battery then start puffing away. This fact also makes it less likely to malfunction due to the simplicity of it.

3. The price. For only 120$ you are getting an extremely high quality product. MAde in the United States with super durable, and beautiful, materials, it’s really not possible to find anything that will perform so well for so long at this price. Sure, some 100$ models might offer some cool temperature control options and little things like that, but it’s guaranteed that it would fail you much sooner.

4. To add onto the reliability of this thing, Magic Flight offers a lifetime functional warranty on all of its products. If your Box breaks for any reason, even if it’s your clumsiness that breaks it, you can send it on over to the people at Magic Flight and they will replace it for you, no headache, no hassle.