Fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk dies with coronavirus after previously saying it didn’t exist

Fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk has died at 33 years old after testing positive for coronavirus, having previously doubted the existence of the virus.

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Three days ago, Mr Stuzhuk, from Ukraine, shared a post on Instagram updating his 1.1m followers on his condition, having contracted Covid-19.

Sharing pictures from his hospital bed, he wrote that during a recent trip to Turkey, he woke up one night with breathing difficulties, developing a cough the next day.

When he returned to Ukraine, Mr Stuzhuk underwent a test for coronavirus, which came back positive.

“I was one who thought that Covid does not exist… until I got sick,” he said in his Instagram post.


Stuzhuk added at the end of the caption that his condition was “stable”.

A day later, Stuzhuk’s ex-wife Sofia Stuzhuk, with whom he had three children, announced on Instagram that he had died.

Ms Stuzhuk shared a photograph of her and her ex-husband on the beach with their children at sunset. Their youngest child is nine months old.

The 25-year-old, who is also an influencer, then shared a second post dedicated to Stuzhuk, featuring another picture of them with their children.

“For the rest of my life I will remain grateful to you for our three beautiful children,” she wrote.

“For all the invaluable experience. And for who I have become with you.”

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