FitLife Watch Review – All-in-One Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) — 21 Oct 2020

Watches were meant to tell us the time, but how can a watch be left behind with the advancement in technology? Now, as you know, watches have become smart and can do much more than just tell the time. Enjoy your instant 50% Discount on FitLife

A smartwatch can give you call and message notifications on your wrist; it can monitor your health and motivate you to exercise. But all of this comes at a huge cost as the big brands that control the market have big profit margins. Keeping this in mind, a team of techies devised an advanced smartwatch, FitLife, that offers all the functionalities at a much lower cost.

It comes with a massive battery backup and you can even answer calls or send emails and messages from your FitLife. This is a fast selling smartwatch with limited stocks. So if you want to own this smartwatch as a reasonable price, then place your order now!

FitLife Watch Review

FitLife is an amazing smartwatch that provides you with features of a health tracker and mobile phone in one device you can wear around your wrist. It is like a travel companion that tells you the time and keeps you connected to your family and friends, work, and health. FitLife is an affordable smartwatch that ensures accurate health tracking with the latest biometrics. It is very easy-to-operate and reliable, so it is very popular with todays youngsters and fitness enthusiasts who want to keep themselves updated about their calls and messages.

How does FitLife work?

FitLife has the most modern and advanced biometric technology. It measures your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels. The smartwatch can also measure the calories you have burnt during the day. It calculates the amount of time you have slept and computes your sleep pattern. You can also set your alarms and control your music.

The smartwatch computes the steps you have walked in the entire day. It connects to your phone through the latest Bluetooth. Using GPS, i.e., Global Positioning System, it tracks your fitness activities like cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, running, etc. FitLife provides you with all the information on the number of steps you walked, the kilometers you cycled, and the calories burnt during such activities. If you sit down for too long, it will remind you to walk or exercise. It is compatible with any device, including iOS and Android, so you will face no problem even when you change your phone.

How to use FitLife?

It is very simple to set up and use your FitLife smartwatch. You have to open the packing and charge it till the battery is fully charged. In the meantime, download the FitLife app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and connect the watch with Bluetooth. Then your FitLife will work with your smartphone and display notifications for calls, emails, and messages.

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Benefits of FitLife

Easily operable – FitLife is developed using complex and advanced technology, but it is very easily operable. You do not need to be a techno-geek to operate the smartwatch effectively. It tracks your health levels and updates you within 10 seconds and the fitness tracker displays your calorie count as soon as the watch is activated.

Premium-Quality and Functional – FitLife is made up of high-quality materials. The wristband can be adjusted according to the size of your wrist. It does not cause any irritations in your skin. The smartwatch is water-resistant. It does not suffer any damage if it is brought in contact with sweat and water. Also, it is dustproof. So, you can wear it while you are playing or running.

Sleep tracking and health – It analyzes your sleep quality and health; it measures your oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, hours asleep, hours awake, etc.

Fitness Tracking – FitLife watch also tracks your fitness levels. It measures the steps you walked during the day, calories burnt and the activities you have performed. The smartwatch has eight sport modes such as swimming, basketball, cycling, running, and walking.

Features of FitLife

  • FitLife is made up of a multi-colored LCD touchscreen display, which is 3.3 cm in size and has a square finish. It gives you rich content and appealing images on the screen of the smartwatch. The smartwatch has a thick screen that will not break if it falls from your hand.
  • FitLife is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can access it from anywhere you wish. The Bluetooth version is 4.0.
  • FitLife Watch provides you with all mobile alerts such as text messages, emails, calls, and support notifications. You can go through your notifications on your watch itself.
  • The health band provides you with constant alerts, an inbuilt alarm clock, and music controls. You can choose different notification tones for different activities and notifications on your watch.
  • The smartwatch has a GPS technology that identifies your location and your phones location.
  • The health tracker is made of durable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate, TPU, and metallic powder.
  • The smartwatch is water-resistant, so you can wear it while taking a shower or while sweating during heavy exercising.
  • It provides you with six different language modes and also has automatic adjustments to the energy-saving mode.
  • The smartwatch has a “point of contact” charger that ensures fast-charging. The weight of the watch is only 29 mg.

Purchase and Price

FitLife is available on the official website of the company. It is advisable to buy this smartwatch online from the manufacturers website to get the genuine product at a discounted price.

  • One FitLife watch will cost you $49.98. The shipping charges would be minimal, $9.98.
  • Two FitLife watches will cost you $89.98. Each for $44.99.
  • Three FitLife smartwatches will cost you $113.95. Each for $37.98.
  • Four FitLife smartwatches will cost you $134.98. Each for $33.74.
  • If you buy more than one FitLife, the company waives off the shipping and handling charges.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

You can return your smartwatch if you are not fully satisfied as the company covers your purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This health tracker cum smartwatch can be returned within 30 days of purchase and you will get the full amount you paid for the watch within 7 working days. You need to return the watch without any damage. As soon as the watch reaches the manufacturer, it is checked, and, if found in pristine condition, a refund is processed.


What does the FitLife track?

FitLife tracks the hours awake, hours slept, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate.

Can anyone operate FitLife Watch?

Yes, anyone can operate FitLife. It is so easy to use that everyone can operate it easily. It computes calories and updates you in 10 seconds.

Is FitLife waterproof?

Yes, FitLife is waterproof and you can wear it while taking a bath or in the shower.

Customer Testimonials

Being an assistant with a law firm, I remain very busy on the computer, resulting in severe back and neck pain. After checkups, my doctor told me that my nature of the job was primarily the cause of these pains and recommended FitLife. He explained that this smartwatch will vibrate and buzz to remind me to leave my chair or to exercise. It really helped in motivating me to exercise and all my pains are gone without medicines. Hugh Williams, 28, New Jersey.

After my husband had bypass surgery and returned home from the hospital, our daughter gifted him with a FitLife smartwatch. This intelligent watch tracks his exercise regime, oxygen saturation levels, and monitors his heart rates. It tracks his sleep cycle and he can be sure of his sleeping pattern that is very important for a heart patient. Its been six months since his operation and he has even amazed his doctors by having such a fast and healthy recovery. Anna Grant, 56, Boston.

I must give due credit to all the FitLife smartwatch designers for offering such a highly developed technology at a low price. I was looking to buy a smartwatch but such watches from well-known brands were absurdly expensive and ran complex software that needed a smartphone from the same company. But the reasonably priced FitLife that uses biometrics to monitor my health is user-friendly and is compatible with any smartphone. Now I know about my oxygen saturation, heart health, blood pressure, and get the messages and call records. Alexander, 25, Philadelphia.

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Nowadays, people do not prefer traditional watches and desire something more from every gadget. So everyone wants to own a smartwatch. The sophisticated and smart-looking smartwatch, FitLife is a multifunctional gadget that you can wear on your wrist. It is a smartwatch that never lets you miss an important phone call or a message. With FitLife, you can attend to your phone without taking it out of your pocket/bag. This smartwatch uses the latest biometric technology to give you various fitness focussed features like heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation indicator, blood pressure levels, and regular fitness tracking like the number of steps walked or climbed, calories burnt, etc.

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