Find Out What Causes Car Accidents and How You Can Prevent It!

Car accidents can be traumatizing sometimes, but at the same moment, they are very painful too. We all know that after a car accident, a person faces injuries, he has to consult a doctor, then he might have to claim the insurance, then meeting lawyers, etc. are all the things one does after he faces a car accident. Before a car accident, what happens that the person has an accident, is it his fault or the other? Let’s find out what causes car accidents and the ways to prevent it:

Distracted Driving

According to a report, distracted driving alone causes 9% of the crashes all over the world, and this threat is increasing every day. Phone calls, texting, talking with someone else behind the wheel, eating, etc. are the causes of distracted driving. You can prevent distracted driving when you avoid using your phone while driving the vehicle. Nowadays, using the phone while driving is very common, so it is requested to not use your phone and look on the road.


Teenagers are very eager to increase the speed limit to show-off their skills, however they don’t know that over-speeding causes accidents, and ultimately death too. After distracted driving, most of the car accidents happen because of over-speeding. When you are late for work or when there is an empty road, the speed limit is never a limit for some people, and they drive their cars as faster as they could, and therefore a sudden jerk causes the car to swift across the road, which can injure passengers very badly.  

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is also very common nowadays, and most of the drunk drivers face an accident. Drunk driving accidents are very deadly, which can either cause long-term medical problems or death. Due to such an increase in the death tolls, it seems as if people are unaware of the fact that they can go by cab or ask a non-drunk apprentice to drop them. Drunk driving can be controlled, it’s just that people don’t understand.

Teenage Drivers

Crashes involving teenage drivers aged from 16 to 24 have the highest death rate, which is 48.5%. As they have no experience of driving in bad conditions, accidents can happen. Most of the time, teenagers have no idea what to do in dangerous conditions, and when they face one, the effects are quite severe. Moreover teenagers also face a car accident because of the usage of mobile phones. Mobile phones should be prevented while driving. It would save thousands of lives if mobile phones were not used while driving.

Night Driving

When people can’t see in the night, then they shouldn’t drive the car too. Lack of visibility in the night can lead to very dangerous situations, such as death. With glare in eyes and blurriness in front, it makes it impossible for a driver to drive easily, so it is advisable to prevent night driving, instead take a cab to home.

Rules of the Red Light

Since childhood, we are taught that red light means to stop, but as we grow older, some people forget to do so, instead of that they run on the red lights. Running on the red lights can be very hazardous, though it seems fine to you from a distance, but you can face an accident. In the mornings, people usually run on the red lights as there is very little traffic, but accidents also happen in the mornings, so lookout.


Though tailgating does not cause death, it does cause car accidents, and you shouldn’t tailgate. If the car in front of you is too slow, tailgating will not make it fast, you have to either switch the lane or keep a further distance with the front car and go at a slow speed. Tailgating is a very stupid decision sometimes, you only damage your car by keeping no distance between the two cars, so keep a distance, and be safe from wasting money.


Though you can’t stop nature, but you can avoid driving in the rain. Though in certain emergencies you got no chance other than driving in the rain. If you are on the road, do not drive fast, as roads are really slippery, and a slight mistake of yours can cost your life. If the rain is fast, then you should stop aside and wait for the storm to pass, it is better than driving blindly on a slippery and dangerous road.

After facing a car accident, many people go for claiming insurance. For that, you need a lawyer, who can make your life easier. Apart from this, drive safely and follow all the traffic rules and regulations while you are on the road. Your life means a lot to some people!