Everything You Need To Know About Acupuncture Treatments




When I have shoulder pain from working on my desk for a long time as data analysis in Los Angeles California, I go to acupuncture for relief. I rather take fewer unnecessary medicines such as muscle relaxation pills, so I choose oriental medicine.


What is Acupuncture?

Before we get into acupuncture treatments, let’s talk about oriental medicine. Balance of energy flow (‘Qi’ in Chinese) is an important concept in Chinese medicine. Once the acupuncturist listens to your pulse to diagnose your medical condition, the practician determines the acupoints. The acupoints can be stimulated by combining acupuncture, cupping, heating therapy, Gua Sha, Chinese herbal medicine, and other therapy. David Di Acupuncture in Los Angeles is a 2nd generation Acupuncturist specializing in Traditional Chinese medicine and also a licensed acupuncturist with 14 years of experience. He customized the treatment plan based on the patients’ symptoms.


What Can Acupuncture Help?

1) Maintain your well-being life: Everybody has some discomforts. You don’t realize what is wrong exactly, but often to not be able to enjoy a quality life with the energy you are supposed to have. Acupuncture can help you with that. Find out the best Acupuncturist in Los Angeles, CA!

2) Relief of chronic pain: Cervical spondylosis, Sciatica, Arthritis, Low back pain, Shoulder pain, Elbow, Wrist, Knee, ankle joint injuries, Sports injuries, etc.

3) Reduce Stress: I often get headaches when I am stressed out. Acupuncture can help with headaches by releasing the tension of muscles. It can be on your head, forehead, neck, shoulder, etc.

4)Boost immune system: Seasonal allergies, urticaria, eczema,

5) Improve the quality of sleep: insomnia, anxiety, depression.

6) Improve Digestion: Gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by diet, long-term constipation, long-term diarrhea, and digestive issues.

7)Hormone Control: Women’s health, Menopausal syndrome, Increase the chance of fertility, Irregular menstruation

8) Detoxify the Body,

and so much more to offer.


What are the Benefits of Acupuncture and what can I expect?

Chinese medicine is safe, natural, drug-free, and effective. It promotes the natural self-healing process in your body. Acupuncture is not a magic treatment. Right after you have one session, you will feel the improvement but the pain always can come back. Usually, patients see significant improvements after around 3-5 times treatments. Each patient’s treatment plan will depend on their current conditions. I would highly recommend you bring the medical record on your first visit.


What do I need to consider when I choose an acupuncturist?

Firstly, you need to check if the acupuncturist is licensed in the state in, which they are practicing in. Secondly, check what kind of treatment they offer. Every Acupuncture clinic has a different style. Acupuncture treatment can involve electro-acupuncture, flash cupping, moving cupping, wet cupping, manual therapy such as massage Tui Na, Gua Sha, heat therapy, herbal prescription, etc.


Does Acupuncture hurt?

Is it your first-time trying acupuncture? Let the acupuncturist know. They will be extra gentle for the first-time patient. During most treatments, patients rarely feel any pain. They get even relax and fall asleep. Sometimes, they could feel the conduction of the acupuncture area and the meridians, which is actually an effect of pain relief.

Due to the complexity of certain diseases, doctors might also select specific acupuncture points and areas for treatment to achieve higher efficiency of pain relief. However, the doctor might make adjustments according to the extent of acceptance of the patient, so as to achieve good results and relief of symptoms after the treatment.