Dentist Abandons Patient Mid-Surgical Procedure After Hectic Fight with Colleague

Mirna Domínguez went to La Paz Dental Group to get a dental prosthesis and asked for a loan of $8,000 from the Lending Point financial group to pay for the procedure. Her common visit to the dentist office, quickly turned into a nightmare.

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According to Domínguez, the dentist who was removing one of her molars engaged in a heated fight with one of her colleague’s and didn’t finish her surgical procedure.

“My dentist and another doctor started fighting right in the middle of my surgical treatment,” Domínguez said. “The dentist got up and told me that she was done, and she left me with a deep wound and only a cotton pad on my tooth. I asked her for an explanation, but she just said no, no, no, I can’t do the job anymore.”

Dominguez was then forced to leave the dental office with the unfinished procedure and seek help in an emergency room.

“The dentist made a cut to remove a nerve from my tooth, but then she left it open, and when the anesthesia passed, I began to have severe pain,” said Domínguez, who was forced to visit another doctor to “finish the procedure.”

After the unfortunate experience, Dominguez informed La Paz Dental Group that she would no longer return and that she wanted to cancel their services. She requested a refund but the dental office refused.

“They told me that they couldn’t give me anything back because they had already started my procedure.”

Dominguez then sought help from our sister station, Telemundo 52. Telemundo contacted La Paz Dental Group, but the office refused to speak about the incident. The news station then contacted Lending Point, the financial group Dominguez requested a loan from.

After reviewing the case, Lending Point said that La Paz Dental Group never informed them about the incident with Dominguez.

Lending Point also stated that given the circumstances, they did cancel Domínguez’s debt at the dental office and that Dominguez could use the money to pay for the emergency services she had received elsewhere.

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