Can You Afford a Dentist? – Learn How to Avoid Dentists Altogether!

Avoid dentists? I know what you are thinking that this must be some kind of joke! Unfortunately I was of the same opinion for many years of my life. I was convinced that there was no escape. I felt trapped knowing that I had no choice but to go to dentist 3-4 times a year, spending a lot of money that I could spend on something else.

I am sure that you know the feeling when something is wrong with your car and you know very little about mechanics of the car. Guess what? You end up in the garage frustrated thinking, what a waste of time and money!

It goes beyond question if you can afford dentist or not. Certainly it is expensive and over the years it will become even more expensive because as your teeth and gums deteriorate, dental procedures will become more elaborated and costlier.

You might also be thinking that you have a dental insurance, so what? It will still cost you some money and your time, not to mentioned negative feeling and pain from dental interventions. Many people are terrified of going to dentists. Would you rather spend your time in more pleasant way than go through ordeal in dental chair?

There is one very important factor you should not forget. More frequent visits to your dentist, more work is done on your teeth and your gums. It means that your over all dental health is deteriorating. Think this way, if you do not stops the habit of seeing your dentist, you will loose your teeth over the years end most likely you will end up with denture and all related problems.

It is not rosy picture, is it? The purpose of this article is to make you think how you can take control of your dental health and learn how to avoid dentists all together. I also have good news for you.

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