Can I use a Regular Herb Grinder for Cannabis?

If you don’t mind a bit of the flavor of the cooking herbs you ground up — you absolutely can! If you cook a lot, you may already have an assortment of tools readily available for grinding up weed for smoking for processing into edibles. Herb grinders for actual herbs are excellent for the purpose, but they do come with a few issues that make them somewhat less desirable than the other “herb grinder” that is specifically designed for cannabis.

The best herb grinder types for weed, are the ones specifically designed for cannabis, not food. Herb grinders intended for food use rarely, if ever, have the other additional features that 

make herb grinders intended for cannabis a joy to use for weed. Weed grinders often feature multiple chambers to allow for the easy collection of fine cannabis and kief, which can be difficult or fiddly to extract when using an herb grinder meant for food.

Another advantage of using a purpose-built weed grinder is that they often come in a wide range of fun designs that make them fun to use. Marijuana use is now almost mainstream, and as a result, virtually every style and subculture is now represented in terms of design and aesthetics. The joy of ownership can be an important part of owning your own weed-related gear and help you derive more enjoyment from each session, which is why the looks aspect isn’t something you should ignore.

If you don’t own any kind of weed or herb grinder, though, there are plenty of things you can use around the house to get your weed into more or less the right size to be smoked, vaporized, or incorporated into tea and edibles. 

Here are a few things that you may already have lying around your home that could also be used as a weed grinder in a pinch.

1.) Scissors and shot glass

This classic method has been used for almost as long as people have been using cannabis. Simply put a small amount of bud in a shot glass, stick the scissors in, and cut the bud up until the flakes are the desired size. A big plus to this is that everything is contained neatly, with little mess.

2.) Coffee bean grinder

Both electric and manual coffee grinders can be used to finely process large amounts of bud in a short amount of time. However, this may make your grinder unusable for regular coffee after just one use. If you only need to grind a modest amount of bud, a cheaper blade grinder worth about thirty bucks might be enough to do the job. Avoid using expensive espresso grinders costing thousands of dollars, as they may not only be overkill, they can get gummed up from the cannabis resin.

3.) Mortar and pestle

This classic combo is as good as anything else for turning your buds into a more manageable form. And you may already have it in your house. Be sure to clean it properly to avoid off-flavors in your weed.


4.) Paper and rolling pin

Put your buds between two clean sheets of paper and use a rolling pin to crush the buds into submission. You’ll be able to easily pick out the stems and everything else and all the crush bud will be easily manageable on the paper.


5.) Fingers!

Hey, you probably have enough of these to turn those buds into something you can use. Your fingers can afford you a very fine amount of control and some cannabis enthusiasts even like using their fingers on occasion for a better connection with what they’re smoking, vaping, or eating.


Yes, you can use a normal herb grinder for cannabis. You may be missing a few key features, but these may not be that important if you do not need to consume cannabis regularly. There are also a wide variety of tools around the home that could be used to make buds smokable, or at least, just a bit more manageable.