Baby gender predictor: Know the gender before the ultrasound

Can’t wait for the gynecologist to announce the gender of your baby? Or did you initially decide that you didn’t want to know the gender, but do you secretly want to see what it will be? Then you can find various options for this. One of the possibilities is a baby gender predictor. This test can give you an answer within a short time. Before you can get started, it is wise to know what to expect from it and how to perform the test.

You can perform the baby gender predictor at home

A baby gender predictor is a test that can show you the gender of your baby in early pregnancy. With an ultrasound you have to wait for another three months before you can find out if you’re getting a boy or a girl. It is a test that you can perform at home and is done in just three steps. Due to the accuracy of the test, you can assume that you will receive the correct result. As soon as the ultrasound comes in in which the gender is known, you will see that the actual gender corresponds to the test that you have performed at home.

Two different tests to choose from

The baby gender predictor comes in two different variants. The first is the at-home finger stick method. This test is mainly intended for personal use and to get an answer yourself. The opposite is the in-office collection method. This test not only gives you an answer to the question of what gender your baby is, but can also leave blood for professionals. This way, any other tests can be carried out to see how the health is. It is therefore good to first determine for yourself which test you need to get all the answers you want, so that you also choose the correct results.

Are you going for the test?

Is it wise to perform the baby gender predictor at an early stage? Many people wait for the ultrasound with the sex. It depends on what you had in mind during the pregnancy whether you will perform the test. For example, it may be that you want to announce the gender by means of a baby shower, where you also want to have the surprise yourself. In this case, the test is not for you. If you can’t wait and don’t want to have the baby shower, the test is the perfect choice for your situation.

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