Are You HELPING Your Health?

When it comes to your personal health, are you HELPING yourself, or acting, as your own worst enemy? Rather than proceeding, merely, with, wishful – thinking, and / or, rose – colored glasses , does it make sense, to proceed, in an introspective, objective manner, and consider / determine, how you might help, on your own behalf? One does not maximize his potential, to live, the happiest, healthiest existence, until / unless, he becomes proactive, on his own behalf! With that in mind, this article will briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, perhaps, the best way to do so, is to fully consider, the advantages of self – help.

1. Healing; happiness; head / heart: It is rarely, in one's self – interest, to overly consider, logical components, at the expense of emotional ones, or vice versa ! Using a head / heart approach, and balancing these aspects, often, is the wisest way, to proceed! When one fully considers, enhancing his happiness, by knowing himself better, and proceeding, in a relevant way, is, often, a healing way, and goes far, in helping you, be consistently, happier, and, thus, often, maximizing the potential for better health!

2. Energy / energize; emphasis; endurance; excellence: Anything which enhances your personal energy, in a positive way, goes far, towards energizing you! When your emphasis aligns with that perspective, and you proceed, with persistence, your endurance increases, and your chances for personal excellence, increase!

3. Listen; learn; lessons; logic: Take the time, and make the effort, to listen, to yourself, and your personal needs and specifically! When we learn, from every experience and conversation, we become better, because of those important lessons! Will you have the emphasis and focus, to use the logic, needed and necessary, to become your personal best?

4. Priorities; perceptions; plans: If your highest priority, isn't you, how can you be happy? If your perceptions, hinder, instead of help, you will be challenged, to become better! Will you commit, to planning, for better times and things, in a positive manner, or consider, every obstacle, as a problem?

5. Ideas; imagination; innovate; introspection: If something about you, does not satisfy or please you, will you proceed, forward, to reinvent – yourself? Will you combine, introspection, with objectivity, in order to proceed, with a well – developed imagination, which might, help you consider ideas, which create a better – you?

6. Needs: First, you must clearly, identify, your personal needs, and, then, a plan, to address these, in a positive, productive way!

7. Generate goodwill; greatness: Maximize your potential, for personal greatness, and, seek to generate the optimum degree of goodwill, which makes you feel better, and more satisfied!

One either proceeds, in a way, which is HELPING himself, or, fail, to move in a personally, pleasing, approach! Which might you prefer, and commit to?

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