Apple’s Fitness+ may launch soon to delight fitness buffs

Those who wish to include some awesome exercise routines into their daily schedules may have a new tech-savvy way to do so. With Apple Fitness+ expected to launch soon, health buffs may have everything they need right in their phones.

Apple Fitness Plus Service

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Apple Fitness Plus Service

In Apple’s September “Hi-Speed” event, the company announced that they are developing the Fitness+ service, which was set to launch by the end of 2020. With only a couple of weeks left before everyone will be saying goodbye to 2020, many are expecting, as MacWorld reported, that the service will be launched by the tech giant anytime now. This is not just a fictional narrative since there seems to be clues that were provided by Apple.

For one, there is an ongoing campaign on Instagram, which promotes Fitness+. A number of trainers have already published posts that use the hashtag #closeyourrings. It does not end there as the posts were tagging @applefitnessplus.

The trainers who were using the hashtag were inside the studio doing fitness workouts. Many noticed that the training sessions for Fitness+ were recorded from the same studio where the trainers were.

Although it is still unknown as to when exactly Apple will make Fitness+ available, there are already traces of the service, which could be found in watchOS 7.2 of the Apple Watch. It is still in beta phase though. It is also expected to launch in English-speaking countries only.

One of the popular trainers who posted about it on Instagram is Kim Ngo (@itskimngo). “I can’t wait for you to try @applefitnessplus! There’s something for everyone! And I’m adding some spice and all things nice with HIIT workouts – beat drops included ?? #CloseYourRings.”

Another is Amir Ekbatani (@amiritemusic) who also tagged the @applefitnessplus team and expressed excitement about the service.

“Let me tell you this: I have grown more in 2020 than in all of the years of my life, and I have the @applefitnessplus team and vision to thank…I’m counting the minutes until I can train and get stronger with you. I’ve never been more ready to inspire and lead by example. #CloseYourRings

a woman looking at the camera: Apple Fitness+ service to launch soon. Photo: Pixabay

© Photo: Pixabay
Apple Fitness+ service to launch soon. Photo: Pixabay

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